Total relief!  In 2016, Belgrano was consecrated after 48 years

After three finals in a row between Hindú and CUBA, in 2016 the Elephant would be in the decisive match again. But this time against Belgrano Athletic, a team that came to this instance for the first time since in 1998 the URBA champion was decided with the format of a final.

For the Virrey del Pino club it was also a long-awaited achievement. It was 48 years since the last one was awarded, back in 1968. It was the eleventh title for one of the founding institutions of rugby at the UAR. To do this, he overcame Hindú with great authority, a team that had eliminated him in the 2015 semifinals, by 34 to 22, and that also had overcome him in the final of the National Clubs in his own court by 38 to 23.

For this edition, the seven teams that played the Nacional de Clubes in the first part of the year (Hindú, Belgrano, Newman, Atlético del Rosario, La Plata, San Luis and CUBA), and the seven that arrived from the stage, qualified directly for the tournament. URBA qualifier: Alumni, Los Tilos and Mariano Moreno for Zone A, and SIC, Pucará and CASI, for Zone B. The 7th classified came through the tiebreaker in which Regatas beat Pueyrredón without problems by 31 to 5 .

Then, already in the Top 14, Hindú and Belgrano entered the semifinals directly (the Elephant was the only undefeated) and San Luis, Regatas, Newman and SIC qualified for the playoffs. The quarterfinals were very close, with San Luis victories against the SIC, by 26 to 24 and Newman over Regatas, by the minimum difference: 27 to 26. The semifinals remained for Hindú against Newman, also by the minimum; 25 to 24 and Belgrano Atlhetic beat San Luis by 47 to 14.

The decisive match was for El Marrón, who with asphyxiating pressure set distances in the initial forty (14-3). And in the second half with a great defense he finished consolidating it to celebrate after almost fifty years (25-10).

The scorers were in San Isidro, with Santiago Méndez (SIC), 268 and Ignacio Almela (ALMOST), 206. In tries, the performance of Luca Sábato (Alumni) was spectacular, who achieved 26 wins, with almost ten tries ahead of Francisco Ferronato (Belgrano Athletic) who supported 17 and was the champion’s try-man.

SYNTHESIS 2016 – HINDÚ 10 V BELGRANO 25 – 10-15-2016

Hindu Club (10): Francisco Bosch; Santiago Mourin, Severiano Escobio, Bautista Ezcurra and Federico Graglia; Joaquín Díaz Bonilla and Sebastián Cancelliere; Gonzalo Delguy, Agustín Schab and and Lautaro Bávaro; Nicolás Guisasola and Sacha Casañas (captain); Juan Ignacio Martínez Sosa, Augusto Farone and Mariano Viano. Coaches: Juan and Nicolás Fernández Miranda, Lucas Ostiglia

Substitutes: Agustín Capurro, Augusto Bavaro, Manuel Pulido and Gonzalo Feijoo.

Changes: PT. 28 ′ Pablo Henn by Martínez Sosa. ST. 5 ′ Patricio Guisasola for Casañas, 24 ′ Martín Cancelliere for Bosch and 27 ′ Emiliano Racca for Viano.

Belgrano Athletic (25):Agustín López Isnardi; Santiago Uriburu, Eduardo de la Paz, Pedro Bugiani and Tomás Filipuzzi; Tomás Rosati (captain) and Juan Retamosa; Alejandro Galli, Julián Rebussone and Francisco Gorrisen; Mauro Rebussone and Benjamín Espinal; Leandro Magneres, Agustín Gómez Di Nardo and Francisco Ferronato. Coaches: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego, Luis and Francisco Gradín

Substitutes: Ignacio Favre, Francisco Mari and Carlos Bence.

Changes: ST. 8 ′ Tomás Arizaga by Magneres, 9 ′ Juan Zaballa by M. Rebussone, 37 ′ Francisco Cubelli, Tomás Venter and Juan Ignacio Lando by Retamosa, De la Paz and Filipuzzi.

So many of the First Half: 13 ′ Try by Ferronato converted by López Isnardi (B); 16 ′ Penalty of Díaz Bonilla (H); and 37 ′ Try by Ferronato converted by López Isnardi (B). Partial Result: Hindu 3 – 14 Belgrano

Yellow: 37 ′ Henn (H).

So many of the Second Half: 6 ′ Try by Faraone converted by Díaz Bonilla (H); 14 ′ Penalty of López Isnardi (B); and 20 ′ Try de Arizaga (B); 26 ′ Penalty of López Isnardi (B).

Yellow: 4 ′ Spinal (B) and 18 ′ Schab (H).

Final score: Hindu 10 – 25 Belgrano

Referee: Federico Anselmi.
Touch judges: Federico Cuesta and Jose Covassi
TMO: Diego Pasman and Martín González Deibe.