End of the novel?  Lautaro Martínez was declared non-transferable at Inter

Lautaro Martínez was one of the most talked about names in the European transfer market, with several signs that brought him closer to Barcelona, ​​but none of that happened.

This Tuesday, Piero Ausilio, Inter’s sports director, was in charge of definitively closing that door and declaring the Argentine forward untransferable.

Ausilio spoke with Sky Sports and he stated: “We never started official talks with Barcelona about Lautaro Martínez. The day after the termination clause expired, we considered it off the market. It’s over”.

Said clause, which is no longer in force, was for 111 million euros and seemed the letter to be used by the Blaugrana team to join the Bull with Lionel Messi.

Everything seems to indicate that he will not stay with either of them and that the Argentines are not going to play together at the Nerazzurro either.

The leader clarified that they never considered Leo as an option. “We are not going to sign Leo Messi. I don’t even know where these crazy rumors come from, ”he said.

Although there is interest in a Barcelona player and he is South American. “We sure like Arturo Vidal. But now he is a Barcelona player. If they let him go in the right conditions, we will consider signing him, ”concluded Piero Ausilio.