Maravilla Martínez and the paved road to a new world championship

Maravilla Martínez y el empedrado camino a un nuevo campeonato mundial

Sergio “Wonder” Martinez came out of a six-year retirement to knock out seven rounds of Jose Miguel Fandiño, and at 45, the Argentine said he will seek the regular WBA world championship at 160 pounds held by Ryota murata.

And here is the question. With what was shown in their return fight,

This Wonder Martinez in a position to seek that world title?

The answer, immediately, is that not yet. Own Martinez He has said that he expects four or five more fights before pursuing that title. From the outset, it will be necessary to observe him in his evolution in those fights, before being able to say if he is enough to go against Murata.

Among the good things that he showed Martinez, it was a stabbing jab. He continues to throw it with speed and power, although in this comeback fight he threw it with some imprecision. His reflexes retain vivacity and using his waist he was constantly taking off blows.

But the two main concerns for the future of Martinez on his return are his footwork and physical condition.

Footwork was one of the main tools in the Argentine’s success during his career. He used it to get in and out of distance at will, to plant complicated angles to the opponent with agility, to move around the ring, and to counterattack. When the legs were gone Martinez suffered. And as a sample are the last rounds against Chavez, the fight against Martin Murray, and the fiasco that lived Martinez against Miguel Cotto in the last fight before retirement.

In his fight back against Fandiño, Martinez He tried to fight the first round with the same agility that he did in his prime years. But planting angles to the rival implies turning quickly around the rival, and with this, a great demand falls on the knees. That is precisely the joint that gave the most problems to Sergio in his last fights before retirement. Against Fandiño In that first round, as soon as he felt the demand he was putting on his knees to plant the angles, he stopped doing it.

Yes Martinez he cannot find greater effectiveness in his footwork, his continuity in top-level boxing will be dangerous to his own health.

Regarding the physical condition, Martinez it was more or less. Especially in his hitting, which was losing liveliness and power as the rounds progressed. It’s natural, being his first fight after six years of retirement. That is something that can still be improved in the three or four fights Sergio has set as a deadline before aiming for a world title.

But if you cannot regain your legs, or your physical condition, Wonder Martinez he would be putting his own health at risk looking for world championship fights on his return.

Why did Maravilla Martínez challenge Ryota Murata?

Among the current champions at 160 pounds, the Japanese Ryota murata seems the easiest of all.

Let us remember that the monarch of the OMB it is Demetrius Andrade, the one with the FIB it is Gennadiy Golovkin, the one of the CMB is Jermall charlo and the super champion of the AMB is he Canelo Alvarez. And in the AMB, the regular champion is precisely Murata.

The Japanese is a tall fighter for the category, at 1.84 in height and 1.90 in reach. He has punching power, but his hitting is very slow, and totally exposed for a counter-puncher who is also fast and dynamic, as he was in his time. Sergio Martinez.

That is why the importance of the footwork of Sergio is far superior to what he showed against Fandiño. In a fight against Murata, Martinez he would have to move a lot, change angles to the Japanese, take advantage of his slowness to counter him. Wonderful He would have to be very good at handling his feet in order to beat Murata.

It is interesting that Martinez has chosen to challenge Murata 160 of all the champions. He chose the one who on paper is the least complicated.

Let us remember that the champion FIB it is Gennady Golovkin that today he is 38 years old, and that he would already be 39 after April 2021 when a hypothetical fight with Martinez who by then would already be 46.

When comparing the ages of one and the other, 39 of Golovkin against 46 of Martinez, it doesn’t sound so uneven. However, Golovkin he has been active and remains one of the most fearsome fighters in the division.

To be carried away by age alone to challenge the Kazakh would be a danger to Martinez. In the cases of Demetrius Andrade, Jermall charlo and the Canelo, all three are fighters who are at their highest sports level, and with the capacity to make great physical displays, unlike Wonderful. Against the three of them, the chances to Martinez they vanish.

Therefore, Sergio choose to challenge Ryota murata. It is a rival to some extent affordable for the objective of Wonder Martinez, which is to emulate George Foreman, who came out of retirement and won a world championship at age 45.

The goal is not far-fetched, as long as Martinez You can show significant progress in your upcoming setup fights.

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