¿Por qué destruir tu legado con un vago como Conor McGregor?: Uno de los entrenadores de Pacquiao rechaza la pelea

Conor McGregor is an unworthy rival who would only stain the legacy of Manny pacquiao, in the opinion of Justin fortune, strength and conditioning coach of the Filipino legend.

Fortune is skeptical about the value of a possible fight between Mcgregor and Pacquiao as has been rumored for months.

“Why make that guy rich (Mcgregor)?”, said Fortune to the Manila Times. “It is not going to add anything to him as far as his legacy is concerned. Remember, it’s just my opinion. Manny will be the greatest fighter in history when he retires, because no one has achieved what he has done in boxing. “

Last February, Manny pacquiao announced that he signed a contract with Paradigm Sports Management, the company that represents Conor McGregor. It was immediately speculated that this was because a fight was planned between the two. Shortly after, Pacquiao winked at the possibility of a fight with Mcgregor.

However, Fortune he doesn’t want a fight between the Filipino and McGregor.

“Why destroy your legacy with a bum like Mcgregor? ”He added Fortune.

And the coach also believes that Conor McGregor would not even be a difficult match for Pacquiao in the ring.

Manny will destroy Conor McGregor in three rounds, “he said Fortune. “It will destroy him very fast and very hard, surprisingly. Mcgregor is nothing. This is boxing. We are boxers. Mcgregor He’s an MMA fighter and we can’t do MMA and he can’t box. As simple as that”.

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