Los Pumas squad to start training under the ‘health bubble’ scheme

Los Pumas squad to start training under the 'health bubble' scheme

The Pumas continue their training sessions awaiting confirmation of the departure date to play the Rugby Championship. This coming Friday, September 4, a squad of 40 players will begin the practice stage under the “sanitary bubble” scheme, which will last for the next two weeks.

Prior to admission, everyone will undergo a new batch of PCR tests. Once the results of the swabs are known and in order to minimize exposure to the coronavirus, the designated campus will initiate the concentration with those who were negative in the test.

Following the guidelines of the protocol approved by government authorities, the team will continue training at Casa Pumas and will stay at the Howard Johnson Hotel in Escobar, located less than 10 minutes from the premises.

While awaiting medical discharge, Tomás Lezana, Santiago Carreras, Santiago Chocobares, José Luis González and Federico Wegrzyn, who tested positive on Monday, August 24 and had no symptoms, will also be tested on the same Friday with the rest of the team. If the result is negative, they will be part of the health bubble.

On the other hand, Marcelo Loffreda and Martín Mackey will do the same once they are discharged. Meanwhile, Juan de la Cruz Fernández Miranda and Andrés Bordoy, Jaguares assistant coaches, will be collaborating with the Los Pumas staff.

Joel Sclavi, who suffers an injury to his right shoulder, will undergo surgery and will be excluded from the delegation. Regarding the health of Javier Ortega Desio, who has not yet trained with the squad, his symptoms continue to improve, awaiting medical discharge. In addition, Juan Bautista Daireaux, Gonzalo García, Santiago Montagner (he went to play in France) and Marcelo Toledo Valentini are the other players that do not appear on this list and that if they were in the initial squad that was called up at the beginning of training weeks ago.

The campus: Mayco Vivas, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Federico Wegrzyn, Julián Montoya, Santiago Socino, José Luis González, Ignacio Ruiz, Santiago Medrano, Lucio Sordoni, Juan Pablo Zeiss, Lucas Paulos, Ignacio Calas, Rodrigo Fernández Criado, Lucas Bur, Rodrigo Bruni, Tomás Lezana, Francisco Gorrissen, Santiago Grondona, Juan Bautista Pedemonte, Joaquín Oviedo, Juan Martín González, Tomás Cubelli, Felipe Ezcurra, Gonzalo Bertranou, Domingo Miotti, Joaquín Díaz Bonilla, Tomás Albornoz, Jerónimo de la Fuente, Matías Moroni, Juan Cruz Mallía, Matías Orlando, Santiago Chocobares, Lucio Cinti, Juan Pablo Castro, Emiliano Boddelli, Santiago Carreras, Bautista Delguy, Sebastián Cancelliere, Mateo Carreras and Joaquín Tuculet.

Source: UAR

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