This Tuesday the president of the NASCARSteve Phelps confirmed to the media, and the category website, that they are still working to confirm the next season. In the last days, the calendar for this 2020 was confirmed with 10 playoff races, to decide the champion. For next year, the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) will be fundamental.

Despite the difficulties, it is already planned that the 2021 championship will begin on February 14. In addition, it would be in the framework of the mythical 500 miles of Daytona, the most important race in NASCAR. “I do not see that change, but I guess you never say never,” said the American leader.

One of the possibilities for next year is to continue competing in races during the week, as has been done this year. Given the health situation due to COVID-19, the category began to carry out five NASCAR Cup races during the week, to bring the calendar back up to date. “I would say that the opportunity for us to do midweek races in the future is viable, if we are going to have that for the 2021 calendar, I don’t know,” commented Phelps.

On the other hand, Phelps clarified that there is no date to announce the 2021 calendar of the most important competition in American motorsports. However, she commented that they have a partial calendar in mind, since the country’s health situation could change at any time. In addition, the leadership seeks to continue attracting the best known pilots in the environment.

Finally, the president of NASCAR, announced the possibility of having new circuits for the next competition calendar. Could there be other new places? yes. But I have no idea what that will be like at this particular point. There are still a lot of discussions going on and we are trying to accelerate them as quickly as possible.