Blanco: “Surely Milito called Acuña, but it is very difficult”

Blanco: "Surely Milito called Acuña, but it is very difficult"

Víctor Blanco, president of Racing Club, spoke about the club’s present, the transfer market, the cupbearer’s duel against Nacional and whether there was the possibility of repatriating Marcos “Huevo” Acuña.

In an interview he gave to the radio program “Como te va” de AM 550, Víctor Blanco pointed out: “Surely Diego (for Milito) called Acuña, but it is very difficult. It is understandable because she has been in Europe for several more years. This leadership always aimed at the return of idols. We were able to bring Diego and Licha ”.

He added: “Idols are always in the club in some way. There is a lot of sense of belonging. They support the lower ones with work items and so on. It is not only due to the player’s desire to return, but also because his family also wants to return to the country ”.

“For players like Lautaro Martínez and Sergio Romero to come out, you have to give the boys room to play,” added Blanco on the importance of training for the club.

While the leader confirmed that Racing “is withdrawing from the market” and added: · “According to the technician and the technical secretary we are already well. We want to film the boys. “

Blanco also referred to the delay of his latest incorporation in arriving in Argentina: “Melgarejo is already closed. He had a personal problem and was unable to travel on Monday. He has already obtained the permits and arrives in Buenos Aires today ”.

More statements by Víctor Blanco in “How are you doing?”

“It is a day to day. We suspended the bubble because all the tests were negative and how we are doing well this way, we do not want to change things. We had planned to travel to Mar Del Plata”

“We will do a concentration and we will have a friendly before the duel against Nacional. The date of the Libertadores has already been confirmed. The qualifiers still do not know when they will be played. We are waiting for the AFA. We must follow the decisions”

“‘The’ Cylinder ‘today turns 70 years old and it is something very important for Racing. We had very good moments and others not so many, but it is a unique place for us. We are celebrating with the board of directors. The idea is to do works and improve it. “

“Lisandro and Milito would be something nice as technical secretaries. I have a very good relationship with them and with the entire squad. It is to everyone’s credit. We have a lot of respect for each other. We are having a very special moment that we did not have in the club for a long time”

“We are doing well economically and as a club. You don’t have to relax because everything gets messy very quickly. It’s all very big and you have to be careful not to capsize. You have to take care of the club. We have the training rights of De Paul and also Musso “

“‘Licha’ is a player today and fulfills his role as captain very well. With him everything becomes easier. Tomorrow the club will be open to any decision he makes”

“It is difficult to give an opinion on Messi’s situation from a distance. There is talk of a possible departure in the middle of the next year, but there is still a long way to go until June and time must pass”

“Personally, I hope I have many more years at the club. This is an election year. We have to see how we carry them out. With this new statute, I only have one more election.”

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