Leandro Bolmaro:

Impudence. Is the word that could sum up Leandro bolmaro. Inside the field, it is known, but also outside. As soon as the hard second training session of the day with Sarunas Jasikevicius’ Barcelona ends, still sweaty, the Cordovan starts talking, with a tone that mixes Cordovan and Catalan, which awakens his smile when the characteristic is noticed. “Yes, in Argentina they charge me that the tune has stuck to me. But the reality is that here the Cordovan did not understand it, they repeated to me ‘what do you say’ all the time, so I decided to speak more slowly and with a Spanish tone. The only thing that hit them all is fucking, they say it all day …”He explains, laughing and a little embarrassed.

The new jewel of Barcelona and the National Team was news days ago when extended his contract, a sign of a reaffirmation of confidence from the Catalans that had an impact on the Cordoba, who now has a clear future near. “I was very happy with what it means. Now, with this agreement, I don’t think so much about the NBA draft anymore. I am focused on doing things right here, in earn minutes and achieve a very good season to reach the national team very well and have a chance to be in Tokyo“, Explain.

-How did you get through the pandemic? Because of your age and athletic ability, are you getting any advantage at this stage of the preseason?

Training at home was long and difficult but we have been getting in shape. The preseason is being tough, with a double shift. We ended up shot, but we are doing well.

-Are you going to play more guard than base with Jasikevicius, the new coach?

-For moments of escort and in others, of base. I will play in what helps the team, depending on the needs. Luckily I was able to adapt to the change in position and now I am equally comfortable in both. The move to shipowner I was doing little by little. It cost me but I was able to adapt well.

-Is it difficult for you to be a base when you never were and above all you have to do it at this elite level? I mean, by being tall, perhaps by raising the ball in the face of rival pressure or in defense, facing the hottest point guards in Europe.

-I have tried to listen to coaches’ advice and watch videos of other bases to see how they do it under the pressure of fast bases. And defensively at the beginning it was difficult because they took a lot of fouls from me, but little by little I adapted and now I am better.

-Look if, in a classic with Real, you have to defend another Cordovan like Campazzo, with how brave he is. What would you do?

-Yes, difficult. I would stop it as I can, with passion (laughs).

Leandro Bolmaro: 'Being at the Olympic Games is my daily motivation'

-Until recently they only talked about your chances in the NBA draft in October and now it has totally changed, you made it clear that you only think about Barcelona. With what expectations will you face the season, taking into account that you will only be in the first team and with a greater role?

-If so. Now I’m focused on improving here, earning my minutes, being in the rotation. Then I will think about what comes next, if the draft happens or not. I am totally grateful to Barcelona for the confidence of having renewed the contract and I have to return it on the court, giving up and winning titles. In that I am focused on the team, thinking about going step by step, earning my space.

-How about sharing a team with so many figures? What is it like on and off the field?

– Inside I learn a lot, day by day, having to train with elite bases, like Heurtel, Calathes now, or last year with Pangos and Delaney. The experience has been crazy and it has made me improve a lot. Off the pitch I adapted well, to the club, to the city, which I like a lot. The team made it easy for me. It is a cool, family group with very good chemistry. We got together for dinner and a drink to get to know each other better and maintain the union. I feel that then what we do outside serves on the court.

Leandro Bolmaro: 'Being at the Olympic Games is my daily motivation'

What did you feel when you began to read in various notes that you were the Messi of basketball or the new Manu Ginobili?

-That it was very far from them (he laughs), who are the best basketball and soccer in the history of our country. I attach importance to it, it motivates me, but up to that point, because if you think about it, you blur and I prefer to live day to day.

-But did you understand the game, the similarities that were marked?

-I don’t see similarities (laughs). Ginobili is a great man, being like him is very complicated, maybe there will never be someone like him, although I’m going to give everything to get as high as possible.

-Last year, when you arrived at the concentration in Bahia with the Argentine preselection, you did it saying ‘I am not coming to train but to win a place’, which surprised more than one because you were a kid.

-Yes, I went to the preselection convinced that I could integrate the squad for China, that cheeky, without being afraid of anything. I did not have to stay, but I was not discouraged and I took everything I learned in that concentration, to take care of myself, to train, to everything. Those weeks were crazy, something exciting.

– And were you surprised by what the team achieved in the World Cup?

-No, it didn’t surprise me, because the boys were convinced where they could go. The ambition that the team had was very noticeable. They had it in mind.

-What did they tell you at Barcelona when they saw the World Cup that Argentina did?

-They congratulated me on how my teammates and I played for having been part of the shortlist of 14 players. But there were also charges for having won the final. But there will always be a moment of revenge and we hope in Tokyo we can beat Spain and everyone who crosses our path …

Leandro Bolmaro: 'Being at the Olympic Games is my daily motivation'

-After being at the gates of the World Cup, how do you see your chances to be in Tokyo? You have the talent, you play better every day, but it is not easy to enter a group already armed that was world runner-up. What do you think?

-It would be a dream to be able to go to an Olympic Game, it is something that he used as motivation every day. I do my best to be able to be there and share a team with those players, who are my idols. My idea is to be and not just go on vacation. I want to go to earn a place but also to play, I will go with that mentality.

-Do you feel that this pandemic was good for you because of the Olympic suspension? I mean, because you are going to arrive in Tokyo with a year, having more experience and being a better player.

-Yes, that’s for sure, I’m going to improve and I hope I get to that moment in the best way. Today I am focused on Barcelona, ​​on a day-to-day basis. I am very comfortable and wanting to continue progressing, but the National Team is always in my head. It motivates me a lot.

Source: CABB press