Officially champions! This is how Kansas City Chiefs players reacted to their championship rings

Officially champions!  This is how Kansas City Chiefs players reacted to their championship rings

On February 2, Kansas City Chiefs broke the bad streak of 50 years without dedicating himself to the NFL, defeating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. The team led by Andy Reid had a magnificent season, with a Patrick Mahomes in MVP mode from the start. Now, with the training camps over, the team has had its award ceremony of the valuable championship rings. The reactions of the players to the luxurious award gave something to talk about on the networks.

Kansas City Chiefs receives their rings

The North American sport maintains its tradition of giving rings to the champions of the most important leagues, and the NFL is no exception. Kansas City Chiefs gave the rings to all the players and staff members who were part of the historic campaign. According to the franchise itself, the heads of each ring have 234 diamonds, alluding to the seasons by the Chiefs and the NFL, the team’s playoff appearances, and the divisional titles and Super Bowl championships.

Ring Specifications

In addition to the striking header, each piece has, on the one hand, the name and number of the player in gold, along with the banners in honor of the only 2 champion teams of the franchise (1970 and 2020). While, on the other hand, each ring has the Super Bowl LIV logo, along with the match scoreboard and the phrase “CHIEFS KINGDOM”, used by fans throughout the season. Without a doubt, a more than striking piece to commemorate the victory against the 49ers.

However, this is not all. Even the inner part of the ring features details that commemorate the incredible feat of the champion team last season. This has the 3 scoreboards of the Playoffs games of the season, along with the deficit of points that were overcome in each of these games. Finally, and also on the inside of the luxurious piece, is the player’s signature. Without a doubt, an award worthy of the great season and the end of the 50-year streak without titles.


“You use it on special occasions or if you want a free burger, just point it out, show the ring and maybe they’ll give it to you (for free),” head coach Andy Reid joked after receiving his championship ring. The ceremony gave individual presentation of each ring to the members of the team, and all the reactions to the delivery of the luxurious pieces of award were captured. Without a doubt, a special night for all the members of Kansas City Chiefs in the preview of the new campaign.

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