Historical!  Donald Trump asked Iran not to execute fighter Navid Afkari

The Iranian fighter of UFC, Navid Afkari, 27, was sentenced to death in Iran and Donald Trump spoke out for that not to happen. He and his brothers face more than 20 crimes, including illegal assembly and offenses against the supreme leader. A sentence that various human rights organizations are trying to appeal, and there are already thousands of signatures that are accumulating from all over the world to request pardon.

The president of the United States made the request through Twitter messages to the Islamic country, after receiving a call from the head of UFC, Dana White. The latter was the one who asked her to intervene to save the fighter. As it transpired by the sources that handle the case, Navid Afkari He was sentenced to 74 lashes and two death sentences by the Iranian regime. This, for allegedly participating in a peaceful protest against the government in 2018.

The US president wrote on the aforementioned social network: “I hear that Iran is going to execute a popular fighting star, Navid Afkarai, 27, whose only act was to demonstrate against the government in the streets. They were protesting the bad economic situation and inflation in the country. In this way, he clearly showed support against the fighter and wants mercy against him. It is clearly a fact that moves the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Trump’s message

“To the leaders of Iran, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spare the life of this young man and not execute him. Thank you! “, Added Trump, emboldening UFC and Dana White. In turn, it also included a link to a Fox News article. The decision is in the hands of the Iranian judicial chief, Ebrahim Raisi, who must consider whether to overturn the fighter’s death sentence. Now, surely you will have to wait a few hours or even days to know what will happen.

What could save him

The confirmation by the Supreme Court of the death sentence of the criminal court against Navid it places its fate in the hands of the Iranian chief justice, Ebrahim Raisi. The attorney for Afkari, Hassan Younesi, can ask Raisi to consider suspending the death penalty under article 477 of Iran’s Code of Criminal Procedure, under which Raisi can order the Supreme Court to overturn a verdict that it considers that “ contravenes Sharia [ley islámica]”.