Shocking! UFC fighter sentenced to execution in his country

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Shocking!  UFC fighter sentenced to execution in his country

The Iranian fighter from UFC, Navid Afkari, 27, was sentenced to death in his country for protesting against the Government of Iran. He and his brothers are closely followed for more than 20 crimes. Among them illegal assembly and offenses to the supreme leader. A sentence that various human rights organizations are trying to appeal. There are already thousands of signatures that are accumulating from all over the world to request a pardon.

The fighter’s own mother and her brothers have asked for mercy. They have pointed out the injustice that their children have not had “the opportunity to defend themselves.” The two brothers, who have not obtained a death sentence, indicated, according to Iranian media, that everything they confessed was a lie. But, they were forced to do so by previous torture. Both they and the fighter from UFC they ended up being sentenced to an additional 74 lashes.

The drama that the mother lives

According to the athlete’s mother, the regime tortured two of the fighter’s brothers UFC, also in prison, to speak against him. This too has quickly gone viral, considering the terrible events that could befall them. «Vahid sentenced to 54 years and Habib to 27 years. They were harshly tortured to accuse each other. Vahid has tried to kill himself, “said the mother of the fighter sentenced to execution.

The official report

Amnesty International (AI) denounced on Wednesday that hundreds of detainees in Iran for participating in anti-government protests last November suffered “widespread acts of torture.” Thus, they were subjected to “unfair trials,” according to Efe. According to a report that was released, the torture included beatings, whipping, electric shocks, and many other situations that shake the world at this time.

In addition, others are also mock executions and drowning, sexual violence, deprivation of medical care and sufficient food and confinement in prolonged solitary confinement, among others. The detainees face “unfounded national security charges.” Finally, some of the death sentences are also based on confessions obtained through torture, underlines the NGO.

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Navid Afkari.

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