Amazing! Houston Texans extend Watson with one of the highest contracts ever

Amazing!  Houston Texans extend Watson with one of the highest contracts ever

The NFL has been hitting the sports world with never-before-seen contracts. It happened months ago with Patrick Mahomes, who signed the highest contract in history for almost 500 million dollars with the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, Houston Texans follow in the footsteps of the champions of the last Super Bowl, and they have tied their quarterback, Deshaun watson with an exorbitant contract. The quarterback will extend his bond with the southern franchise.

Houston Texans dreams of a great future

Deshaun watson has become the main pillar of the project Houston Texans. The 24-year-old quarterback has assumed command of the franchise’s offensive team, which aims to fight at the top in the coming seasons. This is why the team has made the decision to tie the player with an extremely high contract. The quarterback signed for 4 years for 160 million dollars, according to his agent, David Mulugheta. This would be the second highest of the NFL after the one signed by Mahomes.

Added to bonuses, the total value of the contract is expected to Watson is 177.54 million dollars, so it would earn, on average, about 39 million dollars per season. In addition, of the total figure, 111 million would be guaranteed at the time of signing the contract. Taking into account only the 4 years in question, the player will be the one with the most money in the entire NFL. Without a doubt, a historic contract for the franchise.

The CEO of Houston Texans, Bill O’Brien had already advanced it weeks ago. “Obviously we want to Deshaun watson here for a long, long time. I love the boy. He’s an excellent football player, but he’s still a better person. He cares about his teammates, he worries every day to be a good teammate and player; try to be better every day. He is a smart player. He’s gotten better and better, getting better every year, and we obviously feel very good and very lucky to have him on our team. I think that position, as everyone knows, is very important and we feel we have an excellent player in it.

Promising numbers

After his first 3 seasons in the NFL, Watson has played a total of 38 games for the Texans, the team that chose him in the 2017 Draft. In this period, the quarterback completed 66.8% of his passes on the field, to add an advance of 9,716 yards and 71 touchdown passes, with only 29 intercepted balls. The 24-year-old has become one of 11 players to have completed 70 touchdown passes in his first 3 seasons in the league.

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