Evander Holyfield explains why Floyd Mayweather isn’t the greatest ever

Evander Holyfield explica por qué Floyd Mayweather no es el mejor de la historia

Evander holyfield think that Floyd mayweather He cannot be considered the best fighter in history because he was never champion of all the organisms at the same time.

“My theme with him is that he’s a great fighter,” he said. Holyfield to Yahoo Sports. “But to be able to say that (which is the best in history), you have to have been undisputed champion.”

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And to be that undisputed champion, Holyfield considers that one must be a universal champion, that is, win the belts of all recognized organizations.

“You need to have all the belts at the same time and let everyone know that you beat all the fighters who had a belt and now you are undisputed champion,” he explains. Holyfield. “You can’t just say that you have the WBC belt, and then this other WBC belt, and everyone is just WBC, and not have the rest of the belts to say that you are indisputable.”

Holyfield believes that as a champion fighter you should seek the title of all agencies with equal interest, and not just focus on one.

“It’s not just a belt, it’s all the other belts,” he emphasizes. Holyfield. “I wanted to be indisputable, that you can say that you are the undisputed champion of the world.”

AND Evander explains some of the history of the universal champions in the heavyweight division.

“Since they left Muhammad Ali, there had been no undisputed champion until Mike tyson became the first undisputed “, explains Holyfield. “Then Buster douglas, then me, then Riddick bowe and later Lennox Lewis. Lennox It was the last one (in the heavy ones). There were five guys who took the time to decide that they not only wanted to be world champions, but they wanted to be undisputed champions and that everyone knew that they were the best.

In the opinion of Evander holyfield, that’s the reason why Floyd mayweather it can’t be the best ever.

“It is the only thing missing Floyd“, Explain Holyfield. “He was never the undisputed world champion in any division.”

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