The UAR reports progress on the Rugby 2030 program

The UAR reports progress on the Rugby 2030 program

The Argentine Rugby Union reports on the progress of its program “Rugby 2030, towards a new culture”, which aims to recognize, hold accountable and resolve the conflict related to this sport in Argentina, seeking to create a new culture according to our times, reducing violence in all its aspects.

Almost three months after the official presentation, the UAR, together with the 25 member unions and their clubs, is to date with seven of the total of its modules in operation, which are aimed at coaches, players, managers, partners and the national rugby family.

The detail and in what instance is each one:

The program consists of carrying out a survey among more than 130 thousand people in the world of rugby (players, coaches, leaders, partners, etc.), who represent the baseline for this program. It seeks to generate the map to visualize the conflicts and that the rugby family can express their perceptions and convictions about this sport and the moment that is lived today. Today 20 thousand surveys have already been completed, which are disseminated among the recipients by the referents designated by each provincial union, nationwide.

As part of this module, different videos were made with prominent figures of Argentine rugby, with the aim of making the program, its budgets and its fundamentals known in depth.

Competences, skills and abilities
We work alongside coaches from the 6 to 9-year-old categories, seeking to incorporate certain skills focused on how a rugby player should be. In a second stage it will be with the categories of 10 to 14 years.

Discriminatory stereotypes
It aims to incorporate positive non-discriminatory paradigms in front of a different other, including prejudices and stereotypes. A club in the school, a school in the club From the survey carried out with clubs, the pilot test of this program is previously implemented, which aims to create spaces for interaction between the club and the schools the boys attend.

An athlete in the family
Meetings were generated with a group of professionals to establish the guidelines for the reference space. This module encourages the generation of a space for families to reflect and find answers to the problems that arise in the lives of athletes and the role they play in their development.

Disciplinary code
The first meetings with the Disciplinary Commission of the UAR began, to review the current status of the disciplinary codes in the country.

Marcelo Rodríguez, president of the Argentine Rugby Union: «The commitment to this program is immense. It is an ambitious initiative, which has great professional support and which involves the entire rugby community as part of a solution ”.

Raúl Calvo Soler, director of the Rugby 2030 program, from Funrepar: “There is a huge predisposition on the part of all unions to reflect and see what solutions can be found to resolve conflicts in this sport. It is to highlight the diverse character that exists within the Argentine rugby space. This diversity should be a great ally to creatively develop responses to the problems facing rugby today. Among other things, how do we train and build a player according to the values ​​and principles according to the 21st century ”.

Source: UAR

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