To surgery!  Randy Couture and his wife had a hard accident

The expeller of UFC and current Hollywood actor, Randy couture, you will need to have surgery for an accident you had. On Tuesday he will go under the knife, after he and his girlfriend, Mindy robinson, suffered in an ATV accident in Arizona. The hard moment they passed was on Monday, so in these hours the news was released that somewhat revolutionized the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The protagonist of “The indestructibles” worried many.

It was MMA Junkie who confirmed the news, who received the information from Couture’s manager, Sam Spira. The latter referred to what happened and said: «Randy couture and his girlfriend Mindy (Robinson) were involved in a Quad (ATV) accident last night at their ranch outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. As a result of the accident, later today, Randy will undergo orthopedic surgery. He (and Mindy) is expected to make a full recovery. “

The former lightweight champion of UFC and heavyweight champion from the same company has not seen action for a long time. He retired from professional Mixed Martial Arts competition in 2011. From there, he was never even close to returning. Anyway, Randy couture He was active in other sports capacities, coaching Bellator MMA and, closer to the date, fight commentator for the Professional Fighters League.

The world of MMA really enjoyed this man, so whenever something happens with him it is news. It should be noted that this is not the only health-related incident that Couture in the last year, since a few months ago he experienced another scare. It was on October 23, 2019 when Randy had a heart attack after training in Los Angeles. Clearly this was more serious, so her life was hanging by a thread.

Heartbreaking words from Randy Couture

Contrary to recent rumors, I have yet to kick the bucket. I am alive and well. Special thanks to the amazing staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital. From emergencies to cardiac ICU, thank you for taking care of me. I’m one of those people who has crazy thick blood and nominally high bad cholesterol. Unfortunately those two factors combined to create a nice clot including my diagonal artery. The (catheterization lab) at Cedars got right into it, rinsed it, and put a stent in place, ”he explained at the time.