Alex de Miñaur, the Australian with Uruguayan blood

Alex de Miñaur, the Australian with Uruguayan blood

Alex de Miñaur is one of the revelations of the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020. At only 21 years old, he reached his first quarterfinals in a Grand Slam and is one of the players born in the 90s with the greatest future projection .

Although his birthplace is Sydney, his blood mixes Uruguayan and Spanish. Her mother, Esther, is a native of the Iberian country and her father from the Uruguayan territory. At just four years old, she took her first tennis class in the Australian capital and, despite several moves between Spain and Australia, she never stopped learning and improving in the sport. “I think that as soon as I competed for the first time when I was eight I wanted to be a tennis player. I really enjoyed it and since then I have tried to play as much tennis as I could and improve as much as I could,” he declared in an interview with ATP.

He demon, as he is nicknamed for his tennis qualities (fast and relentless), he made his debut on the ATP circuit at the age of 17 in his native country. In Brisbane he surpassed the classification and faced Mischa Zverev in the first round with whom he fell by a double 6-3. Although his rise in recent years was not meteoric, he was a tennis player who knew how to increase his level little by little and climb positions by stages. In 2017 it climbed 143 places, in 2018 it rose 177 and for 2019 there were 11 (it was awarded three titles: Sydney, Atlanta and Zhuhai). 2020 found him among the best 30 in the world but below his best ranking (18th from December 2019 to January 13, 2020).

All this growth is summarized in the hunger for victory and growth that was generated over the years thanks to the rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. “Every time there was a Roger-Rafa final at a Grand Slam event, those were probably the matches that I would watch on repeat, non-stop. Those are the matches that gave me hunger and drive to achieve my dreams as a tennis player and try to keep improving to be able to one day be in that situation “he explained to the ATP website. In addition, another of the idols that he had during his growth was Lleyton Hewitt. “I always admired him growing up. That he now helps me as a mentor, really makes me believe that I belong here where I am and that I have the level, it is simply incredible” he expressed.

After a great 2019, Alex de Miñaur’s 2020 aimed to be the takeoff, but there were two factors that influenced his ascent to be frustrated: the stoppage due to Covid-19 and a groin injury. “It was a very difficult time. Because of the way I started in the ATP Cup, I really thought this was going to be a great year for me. Obviously, everything happened. I got injured and all this confinement also happened. It was two very difficult factors. those who got together “he told the official US Open website after his victory over Khachanov.

Something that has helped him on his tennis path was not having strayed from his roots. It is that, whenever the calendar allows it, he returns to Sydney to be with his family. In addition, his coach remains the same as from the beginning. Adolfo Gutiérrez is the one who has kept him focused and at the highest level for eleven years. “We have grown together. He has seen me grow as a tennis player and as a person. It is surprising to see the things we have been able to achieve together. It is a constant reminder of where I come from and the struggles that have occurred for me to be where I am now,” he said. to ATP.

But even though his roots are mixed, he feels more Australian than Uruguayan or Spanish. “I feel 70% Australian, 25% Spanish and 5% Uruguayan” he confided in an interview with ESPN. He also expressed that “I have only been to Uruguay twice in my life, obviously I would like to return but with much more time to get to know the country. Until now I have not had the opportunity.”

Although his age marks 21 years, his mentality seems that of a mature player and consecrated by the ambitions he has. “If you want to be on top and you want to play against the Top, you just have to constantly improve. You can’t be satisfied with your level and where you are. You should always want to push for more and strive for higher levels: higher rankings, higher level matches and hopefully also beat higher ranking opponents “he declared.

With that devastating mentality and his high-level technical qualities, Alex de Miñaur will soon appear at the great tennis events as he has already done at the 2020 US Open.

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