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Toto Wolff

The head of the Mercedes team, Toto wolff, confirmed this Wednesday to the media what his future will be. In recent days, Wolff had sown a blanket of doubt about what his decision would be. However, the Austrian was confident of his decision for the 2021 season, which could once again find the German team very firm in the fight for the competing titles.

Finally, Toto wolff confirmed his continuity with the Mercedes team for next year. “I love this team and I think this is my place,” he told the media on Wednesday. For his part, everything seems to indicate that the Austrian will ensure the continuity of Lewis Hamilton for the next two years in the coming days. Also, Wolff hinted that the end of his career at the front is nearing the end.

“I love this team and get along fantastically well with Ola Kallenius (Mercedes CEO),” confirmed Wolff, disproving some rumors of tension between him and Kallenius. “It is now eight years in this team as boss. And that is taking its toll, and this is something I am reflecting on, ”added the Austrian. The Mercedes team is heading for its seventh consecutive constructors’ title.

“It is important to make the right decision for my family and for me, but you can be sure that I will be involved in this team in one way or another,” he said. His wife, Sussie Wolff, heads the Venturi Formula E team and was also a Williams test driver in 2012. She was the first woman to participate in a Grand Prix, after Giovanna Amati in 1992.

Lewis Hamilton’s continuity according to Toto Wolff

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has yet to confirm his continuity for next year with the Mercedes team. However, Toto wolff It brought some reassurance for fans of the Brit. “Our relationship is strong, to the extent that a professional relationship allows it. We are friends”. However, he added that: “If he decided to resign, he would continue to win because there are so many good people in the team. It’s as if I had to resign, we would lose a great driver, but Mercedes would not start losing championships as long as we have the best car and the best drivers.

The boss of the Mercedes team will continue in Formula 1. Source: Mercedes AMG

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