Sebastian Vettel

The German pilot, Sebastian Vettel, had another disastrous weekend at the Italian Grand Prix last Sunday. The Ferrari driver had to leave after a brake disc on the left rear tire broke. Besides his partner, Charles Leclerc, also had a retirement after causing a strong accident in the Parabolic corner, of the Monza circuit.

This Tuesday, before various media, Sebastian Vettel spoke after the double abandonment starring the red team. In short, Vettel believes that what is happening within the Maranello structure is not unexpected. However, he clarified that despite the poor performance, at this time things should change.

“My head has grown next to my body, so naturally it should be up, but maybe it’s hanging to the side now. There are no shortcuts in life and we are in this position because we probably deserve to be. We are suffering, the whole team is suffering and I am a part of the team ”, Vettel began his statements to the media.

In addition, the German commented on his thoughts on the retirements that occurred at Monza last weekend. “Everything happens for a reason and we are slow for a reason. It is hard, and I am not the only one who is suffering. “It is very difficult for us at the moment, for the whole team. But we are in this position and we have to try to do the best we can to have a worthy end to the season, “he said.

According to Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari must improve

With each passing weekend, fans believe the team’s situation couldn’t get any worse. However, from the italian structure they seem to indicate the opposite. Because of this, Sebastian Vettel He concluded by saying: “We still have a lot of careers ahead of us and there is still a lot to learn and understand, so there is a lot of work to do. We have to focus on that.

The German hopes to finish his tie with the red team in a good way. Source: Ferrari