The slap of Nate Díaz to Dana White that is all the rage in the networks

The slap of Nate Díaz to Dana White that is all the rage in the networks

During an event that occurred in 2016, on a UFC broadcast, Nate diaz slapped Dana White And, four years later, it’s all the rage. On that occasion, the American had his revenge with Conor McGregor, the second contest between the two. From months before to the confirmation that everything was revolutionary. The negotiation he had with the president of the company was very entertaining and generated laughter from many sides. But, apart from forgetting that, the video of both went viral again.

Of course, in high spirits, they agreed and signed for the second contest with Conor McGregor. Nate diaz and Dana White They gave something to talk about for it, since the comic moment was recorded and then uploaded to social networks. It was there that the UFC fighter could be seen, who had no problem hitting the president of the top Mixed Martial Arts company with a classic “Stockton Slap” slap.

Nate diaz He paralyzed social media after posting the aforementioned YouTube video, so hitting Dana White gave him several entertaining days. The president of the UFC is seen smiling in the same audiovisual, so it is estimated that he did not take it the wrong way. The most interesting thing about the images is not the slap itself, but what appeared next. “Closing deals today” was the phrase that was placed in the video, which gave even more laughter to the fans.

His controversies with McGregor

Days ago, Nick and Nate diaz They made fun of Conor McGregor, who was shown smoking marijuana on Instagram, through social media. The Irish champion, who recently turned 32, shared a clip of himself where he appeared to be doing drugs while on vacation after his third retirement from the UFC last month. In this way, experts on the subject, such as the renowned fighting brothers, did not miss the opportunity to laugh.

What would come for Nate Diaz

When it became known that the UFC’s plans were to schedule a rematch between Jorge Masvidal and Nate diaz, everything was revolutionized. However, two questions arose: the date and if the “BMF” belt would be back on the line. The idea is that both have their second date, either in December of this year or January 2021, and depending on Dana White, the belt that was released at UFC 244 could be back in play at the express insistence of its current owner.

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