Big shot for Denver Broncos! Key player would miss the season

Big shot for Denver Broncos!  Key player would miss the season

This September 10 starts the NFL. Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans will kick off this regular phase of the 2020-2021 campaign, which will be played under irregular conditions due to the pandemic. There have been many players who have dropped out of the season for their fear of catching it, but Denver Broncos he has lost his linebacker, Von Miller because of a serious injury in training. Without a doubt, a hard blow for those of Colorado.

The preparation of Von Miller facing the 2020-2021 campaign he had all the fans of the NFL. The player of Denver Broncos He showed impressive physical form in the training camps, being one of the players who worked the hardest towards the start of the new contest for the championship ring. Now the Texan has suffered a severe setback that could leave him out for the entire season, pending further medical tests to confirm the extent of his injury.

Ankle injury

At the moment, very little is officially known about the condition of the ankle of Miller. Since last Tuesday it had been reported that he had been seriously injured in training, and that there was a great possibility that he would not return until the next season. Sources close to the franchise have informed the US press that the linebacker would have ruptured a tendon, and could need surgery.

The head coach of Denver Broncos, Vic Fangio spoke about the player’s situation at a press conference. He witnessed the moment when Miller he suffered the alleged tendon rupture, and stated that at no time did he think it was something serious. “It was just a normal play. He only ran for one band and never fell. It never seemed wrong. If they saw the video they would think that nothing happened, but it did happen.

“It saddens me that he is not going to have the season he had worked for, because it would have been a lot of fun to see that, for him, for me and for everyone,” added the head coach. In the same way, he confirmed that the linebacker will go through new reviews to determine the real severity of the injury, in order to determine whether or not he should go under the knife. If surgery is required, this would be operated on as soon as possible.

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