Cheyanne Buys and her story with Dana White: “For two years I sent her 15 messages”

Cheyanne Buys and her story with Dana White: "For two years I sent her 15 messages"

After beating Hilarie Rose, Cheyanne buys stayed with a contract in UFC and told his particular story with Dana White. The controversy happened between having defeated his rival and going to the interview. She came down from the octagon and said to the president: “Now will you reply to my messages on Instagram?” In addition, she insisted: broadcast Come on, pick up the phone and follow me on my Instagram profile. Look at my things. Minutes later, the president confirmed that he promoted her and now she has told the whole situation.

«During two years I sent him 15 messages. I saw a lot of people commenting on the thing, all I did was go up to him and say, ‘Can you write to me now?’ I just wanted an answer to be like, I got your attention. So I said, ‘I’ve been writing to you for two years, I just want a message back.’ And actually he sent me a message back and followed me, “began the extraordinary peeler who won a contract in UFC.

I told you a year or so ago, I don’t care how many bits I have to hit until you know my name, but I’m a star to you. I told him that I was having the LFA fight. I texted him after winning that fight. I texted him when I found out he was going to be on Contender. And then I sent her another one, and my last message was: ‘Dana, I’m going to kill this girl, I promise, “she also explained, highlighting her comments to the president.

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At the same time, Cheyanne He also recounted what happened with the insult in the middle of the fight: “You couldn’t hear that in the video, but then I’m like, this girl literally told her to raise the F and I said I’m sorry, but she was like, ‘It’s well’. Who is so nice? Even in the fight, we were against the cage and she was putting her fingers in my eyes a little bit, like nothing harsh, and I was like, ‘Hey, watch your fingers. And we were at the clinch and she was like, ‘I’m sorry. I was like, ‘No problem.’

“But I’m like, why is she so receptive and nice and even in the third round that I had her in the turtle position, you could see in the video when she was like, laughing a little. I was waving to my husband in the middle of the fight and she’s like, why is she so nice? I even said, ‘Thank you for being the nicest person I’ve ever fought with,’ “he said. Cheyanne buys. Undoubtedly, one of the sensations of the moment in UFC.

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