He doesn’t like him! Brian Kelleher to Sean O’Malley: «He does not accept the first defeat»

He doesn't like him!  Brian Kelleher to Sean O'Malley: «He does not accept the first defeat»

The undefeated of Sean O’Malley came to an end at UFC 252, so Brian Kelleher He was clear and assures that he does not accept defeat. This was not in the way expected, with injury and loss by technical knockout. In one of the most attractive crashes the 135-pound division has to offer, Ecuadorian Marlon Vera laughed at the end and profited from an injury “Suga” sustained to his ankle. Therefore, he defends himself saying that he has not lost yet.

I don’t like the way he handles loss. Still putting Chito down, I don’t know if he really accepts it. But I think business-wise, he’s doing this on purpose. I don’t know if you’re getting information from other guys who have done this in the past, but, you know, you have people who love you. This way you make people hate you, and you have all the areas covered when it comes to the fan base, and the people who want to see you fight if they want to see you win or lose, ”he began strongly.

“I believe that O’Malley He’s playing that role where he says, ‘Alright, I’m going to make you hate me. I will continue to be cheeky and arrogant and I am still undefeated. So you do your thing, and I’m still going to be my kind of thing. ‘ I do not blame him for doing that, but I like to see a little more humble honesty when it comes to real true answers to face defeat, “he also said, making a fool of the American.

Not afraid to liquidate it

As for his own desire to crush him in the cage, Brian He added: “I wouldn’t think it would be a bad match for us now. I think it makes a lot of sense. But I said this before, the missing a lot and the desire to fight him was to take that [cero], be the first guy to hit him and steal the hype and everything. Marlon Vera just did that. It doesn’t have as much steam for me as it did, but it still would. It’s always a great fight with a guy with such great following.

«I feel that all this circumstance gave that to O’Malley. To be like, ‘Oh, I fell, my ankle, something was hurt. That’s why you won and I was hitting you before that, ‘and it wasn’t. Fights are always like this. Some guys winning and then losing. Sometimes you get caught by something and it’s a legitimate combination the guy threw in and caught you. I think Chito was being patient and they kicked him really hard, but when he kicked his leg O’Malley, knocked it down, “closed Brian Kelleher.

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