Imposing! The video of Israel Adesanya that exploited social networks

Imposing!  The video of Israel Adesanya that exploited social networks

Israel Adesanya (19-0 MMA, 8-0 UFC) and Paulo Costa (13-0 MMA, 5-0 UFC) are the attraction of the year, the ones that will collide in the UFC 253. As is to be expected, of course, there will be sparks this September 26, in a new “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi. Now, after the video posted by the Brazilian, the Nigerian is scared in his own way. With a new look and totally focused on retaining the title, the champion caught all the fans with a perfect sale of his fight.

The contest was expected to be earlier this year, but the injuries he had to face Coast they forced the confrontation to stop. This was what caused Adesanya He will face Yoel Romero at UFC 248, in which he won by unanimous decision. So far, Dana White does not interfere so much, but it is known that anxiety can and would be planning a historic night. As they deserve, it will be the best of the year, at least so far.

His warnings to Costa

“Even before the interview started, when I initially saw him, I asked him some questions that he really couldn’t give me a direct answer to. The last time you were tested? … He couldn’t give me a direct answer, to put it that way. “Twice in the last three weeks, they tested me, at night, because they tried to catch me off guard. So it was the first time they tested me at night. So where is your shirt? I have been tested more than 30 times, but where is your shirt? “, He communicated days ago Israel.

“I am from the city of Lagos, Nigeria. I know how it is in certain countries where money talks, where if you shoot your gun, people act a certain way. I know what it is. You’ve heard stories about Brazil with people rushing to gyms to test people and then not complying with certain things. I only know what it is, “he also added to his words, expressing very clearly what he thinks about it. He clearly does not want to give the slightest chance to Paulo Costa in UFC.

Adesanya’s Last Threat

To close, Israel Adesanya He also said, ‘I’ll hit him in the face as many times as possible. And also kick it, until you knock it down. I don’t feel anything personal in this fight. I don’t know the guy so why should I care what he says? Talking trash is fun but I don’t stop at that. Since I was a kid, when people don’t like each other, they talk shit and fight. They’re all talking shit, it’s part of the game. We know what to expect with it. Some people let the garbage talk get the better of them. But I’ve been at it many times, so it’s nothing new to me. “

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