Overwhelming! Cat Zingano and his UFC exit: “It was a good decision”

Overwhelming!  Cat Zingano and his UFC exit: "It was a good decision"

The expeller of UFC, Cat zingano, parted ways with Dana White’s company a year ago, but has spoken harshly about it now. After more than eight months of that farewell, he is now close to making his debut in Bellator MMA. This being the case, he spoke with the Mixed Martial Arts press and highlighted why he made the decision to withdraw. It was a great controversy at the time, but now he created another with his sayings.

“It was a very good decision to separate in the way that we needed to separate. I have no bad relationship with UFCBut the conversations and the way they were going at the time of separation made it have another meaning. This, so he could see what else he wanted to do. After shopping to be smart about what you wanted to do next, Bellator It was all I could have asked for, ”the fighter began.

She was clearly not happy before she left, so she added: “It was very authentic and straightforward with what this was going to look like. So far, it has been everything. She’s been so gentle and supportive, just so supportive. They just want to treat you so well. They want you to enjoy your experience. Those are the things that I really loved about sports and martial arts when it first came up it was just people who wanted you to do good. “

It was not difficult for him to make the decision

«Now, doing the things that must be done so that you can compete in the most optimal way. I am experiencing this week stress free, very comfortable. Even with the training ground, with the determination of opponents, with the signing and presentation to different events. There was a whole new energy that made me feel healthy and I have a bigger and better opinion about how everything has to be, “she harshly communicated. Cat.

“I am happy to be here and I am happy to take my career in this direction at the moment, and I am feeling different things. Being able to focus, train and handle it the way I’ve always wanted. Is very pretty. A great new chapter. It’s something I’m very excited about. Something for which I am very motivated. The training has gone so well. It is a new regrouping. A new beginning. I feel everything I need to feel to go out and be successful », he closed Cat zingano.

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