Real Madrid, annoyed with Hazard

Real Madrid, annoyed with Hazard

Eden Hazard repeats the mistakes of his first year at Real Madrid. He returned from vacation away from the image demanded by an elite athlete in current times of football and the club has bothered his concentration with the Belgian team so as not to play for a single minute in two games, instead of working on his fitness in the preseason of Valdebebas.

Hazard is a doubt to start the season. With all of Real Madrid in suspense due to the state of his operated ankle and the feelings of the Belgian after the holidays, his start of the course once again adds his name to the lack of professionalism.

“I don’t hide it. When I’m on vacation, I’m on vacation. I’m someone who gains weight fast and loses it fast,” he said a year ago in L’Equipe responding to criticism for the state in which he joined Real Madrid. It caused a muscular mishap, a late and conditioned premiere. It was not until the fourth league match day that he made his white debut.

When he began to leave traces of the player he is, the action arrived that marked a first year in which Hazard did not meet expectations nor was he the benchmark of Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid. On November 26, against PSG in the Champions League, came the hard tackle of his compatriot Thomas Meunier and the reunion with the most serious injury of his career to the right ankle. The conservative plan did not work despite being 83 days off and after relapsing on his return, the operating room was inevitable.

The three-month break due to the soccer pandemic facilitated Hazard’s return before the end of the season but one image spoke for itself. He left the Etihad limping and with an ice pack on his affected ankle. His effort to help against Manchester City was in vain and his pain never subsided. Injuries caused him to sign the worst season of his career. Just 22 games and a single goal was the poor baggage for the player who had to take on gallons.

The vacations that some of his teammates take advantage of to keep fit in their solo workouts are not interpreted in the same way by Hazard. The rhythm of current football, in which the physical is imposed, requires not to lower our guard.

At the club, according to a source from Real Madrid to Efe, it has not sat well that while footballers of the importance of Luka Modric gave up going with their selection to take advantage of two weeks of hard preseason work and be at a good pace for the start of LaLiga, Hazard left to not play and return without training rhythm. The demand increases on the figure of the Belgian star and an immediate response is expected in his day-to-day life, which he will move quickly to the pitch.

“Medically it is perfect, it’s just a matter of being very careful with its introduction,” warned Roberto Martínez, the Spanish coach in charge of the Belgian team. “He is not in top form yet and we are not going to take any risks,” he added before deciding to leave Hazard without minutes in both games and simply take advantage of his presence as a benchmark for the group.

Meanwhile, Zinedine Zidane is getting used to the idea of ​​a league debut without Hazard. Ten days remain for the visit to the Royal Society and for the Belgian to get in shape. The intensity of your workouts will depend on your operated ankle. The first day he spent testing it outside the group and seeing how it would respond to a specific gym job. There is little hope in Real Madrid that he will start the course after seeing how he has repeated mistakes.

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