The particular life of Cheyanne Buys: “I had no friends, nobody noticed me”

The particular life of Cheyanne Buys: "I had no friends, nobody noticed me"

Cheyanne buys stayed with a contract in UFC, by beating Hilarie rose, and told his particular life story before MMA. The fighter earned a bond with the top Mixed Martial Arts company, but it wasn’t free. For this she had to train hard, chase Dana White for two years and leave everything in the Dana White’s Contender Series. Now, she waits for her first fight at the leading company, which is sure to come in no time.

Starting with his words, Cheyanne buys He said, ‘No one was my friend in high school. Nobody cared about me. I was in MMA, people talked about it, that I was a fighter girl and then they kicked me out. I was bullied a lot in my senior year in high school. Just stupid things, nothing that was crazy, but they didn’t stop intimidating. Just stupid and typical high school stuff. But, one day they messed with my family, and when you mess with my family, that’s like ‘no no no’. I got out, hit them, and went home. It was really bad.

“I completely raised my game when I got to MMA. When I went to South Africa I improved, not only physically, but also mentally. We live the complete fighting lifestyle. Every day we keep a diary, every morning we wake up and the first thing we do is keep a diary together. We have our coffee and we usually have a plan throughout the day, so we write down what we are going to do for the day. As is our training, and we hold ourselves so responsible. We are best friends, we are training together, we are everything, “he said about his partner.

He found everything in his partner

We never fight, I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. We never get into fights over stupid little things. We live the life of struggle and we fully understand each other, “he said. Cheyanne is waiting for his chance to officially debut in UFC, after winning his contract flawlessly. The unknown is because she had to do an MRI on her knee and hopes to get out of a possible six-month medical suspension.

“I know that even if I go the distance, my style is entertaining. You can never be very sure, so when I got to the chair I was a little nervous. Because I wonder how she’s going to say about me, it’s probably going to be like, ‘This fighter is crazy.’ I don’t know what he was going to say, but when he told me to ‘take the F here’ I was like, hell yeah, yeah “, he closed Buys, which will surely continue to give something to talk about in Mixed Martial Arts.

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