On DAZN They Believe Golden Boy Made Unsupported Promises About Canelo Fights, According To Reports

En DAZN creen que Golden Boy hizo promesas sin sustento sobre peleas de Canelo, según reportes

In DAZN they think it was Golden Boy Promotions who made unsupported promises both to the same platform and to Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, that the Mexican fighter would face Gennady Golovkin in a third fight.

It’s the portal again The Athletic who investigates the motivations of the claim that the Canelo filed against DAZN, Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar de la hoya. Lance Pugmire, was able to speak with executives close to DAZN, who expressed themselves on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject.

The best of DAZN

“(Golden boy) made false representations to the parties ”, he revealed to Pugmire an executive who knows the feeling of DAZN. “Golden boy received his money to take the fights (which were not of the Canelo to DAZN), but did not apply the same rigor to ensure that the Canelo will take the fight with Golovkin and thus respect the terms of DAZN with Golden boy. DAZN understand why he is frustrated Canelo, and hope the fighter understands why DAZN so is it ”.

That same executive close to DAZN reveals that Golden Boy Promotions served as an intermediary. Saul Alvarez signed a contract with Golden boy to fight in DAZN, and DAZN signed a contract with Golden boy. Neither Saul has been able to see the contract Golden boy with DAZN, neither DAZN has been able to see the contract Saul with Golden boy. It even ensures that the executives of DAZN have not been able to speak alone with him Canelo without the executives of Golden boy are present.

“The lawsuit is about the Canelo wants to know the truth, to start a dialogue in good faith, and DAZN wants things to be resolved, “said that executive to The Athletic. “Now, DAZN can speak directly to him Canelo. DAZN has never seen the contract Canelo with Golden boy, and the Canelo never seen the contract DAZN with Golden boy. The truth will come out. The impact will be for Golden boy. Canelo he was deceived by them ”.

That same executive revealed to Pugmire of The Athletic, what in DAZN are optimistic that they will finally be able to speak directly to the Canelo. And they coincide with the appreciation of Canelo who accuses Golden boy fraud for hiding the contract.

DAZN and the Canelo they can fix things, because the middle man, Golden boy, is the one that is wrong, “he added to The Athletic that executive close to DAZN.

With the arguments that the legal team of the Canelo wrote in the application, in DAZN they have been able to learn additional details that they did not know. For example Saul had an agreement with Golden boy so that the third fight with Golovkin It will be negotiated separately. And that that specific fight would require a pay above the 35 million dollars of the guaranteed purse with DAZN.

In the lawsuit, the fighter assured that he did not know that in the contract Golden boy with DAZN, the promoter promised a third fight with Golovkin. And I didn’t know that DAZN had the right of veto by contract over the rivals of Alvarez.

That is, according to the Canelo and according DAZN, the promoter of Oscar de la hoya signed two contracts. One is with DAZN and another with the fighter, who do not support each other.

In Golden Boy Promotions, Oscar de la hoya ensures that it is DAZN who does not want to comply with the agreements to which he is committed by contract.

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