Oscar De La Hoya accuses DAZN of breaching contract

Oscar De La Hoya acusa a DAZN por incumplimiento de contrato

All this scenario in which the conflict between Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez by the lawsuit to Golden Boy Promotions and DAZN, has been described by Oscar de la hoya, promoter of the Mexican, as “frustrating” for not complying with the contract between both parties.

In an interview given to BoxingScene and that the journalist Dan Rafael did, two hours before learning about the lawsuit in court of, From the pot gives an overview of the situation of Canelo and plans for him to step into the ring in 2020, a long shot for now.

The best of DAZN

Currently all parties are engaged in a battle over Canelo’s next opponent and the amount of money DAZN is committed to. This led to Alvarez suing DAZN, De La Hoya and Golden Boy in federal court for the Central District of California on Tuesday.

1. Canelo doesn’t refuse to fight.

“In my opinion, Canelo he’s willing to fight anyone, obviously, the way he’s shown many times in his career. Is willing to fight Billy Joe Saunders, is willing to fight Callum smith. My frustration is DAZN. My frustration is the obligation that DAZN has with its fans and with Canelo.

2. Confusion on the ‘elite’ label

“Another frustration is DAZN’s obligation to fulfill a contract they signed. That is a great frustration. That is a deciding factor for us. That’s where the frustration is. How can you fight against a high level opponent like Callum smith, an elite opponent like Billy joe saunders, and then do that DAZN don’t fulfill your contract? It doesn’t make sense to me and that’s where the frustration is ”.

3. Box office revenue expectation

“Obviously we hope to get back to normal very soon and hopefully we can have incoming income as soon as possible, but we found out. The only concern I have is that DAZN fulfills its contract ”.

4. Smith and Saunders aren’t they premium?

“If someone tells me that Callum Smith or Billy Joe Saunders are not premium fighters, I must be crazy. I must not know boxing. I must not have been in boxing for 35 years. Let’s start with this. Comply with your contract. Let’s get three big fights: Callum Smith, Billy Joe Saunders, GGG. Whatever the order. Let’s get to work. Let’s do it. We are waiting for you DAZN ”.

5. Fight with GGG would have happened without COVID-19

“That fight was going to happen. Canelo is willing to fight with the best and he does so because he respects the fans. He does it because he wants to be cool. “

6. Who people want to see is Canelo

“It is a frustration because we have more than 80 boxers. We have several world champions who are not fighting. But the truth of the matter is, people want to see Canelo fight. That is the bottom line. They want to see boxing’s biggest star fight on DAZN and people are getting tired. I want to offer the best possible fights ”.

7. A lawsuit was already looming

“If I have a contract and I don’t fulfill it, what will happen? And yes, we don’t want to litigate. That is the last resort. That is not even a resource for us. We have been excellent partners, yes, they have been excellent partners. We just want to start a fight. The fans deserve it ”.

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