They got tired! Racing Point responded to Sergio Pérez

Racing Point

This week news broke that shook the calm of the Racing Point team. The first was on Wednesday, when Sergio perez He assured that he will not continue next year in the structure. The second occurred this Thursday, with the confirmation that Sebastian Vettel will go up to the empty place left by the Mexican.

According to Pérez himself, the team never told him that he was going to leave his seat. However, in the last hours, both Lawrence Stroll, owner of the team, and Otmar Szafnauer, head of Racing Point, came out to the crossing and responded harshly to the Mexican. In addition, Stroll assured that the position of his son Lance was never in danger.

Otmar Szafnauer flatly denied his statements by ‘Checo’ in recent hours. «We kept Sergio up to date and his representative, Julian Jakobi. When the decision is difficult and has not been made, there is not much you can say, so I do not think we could have said anything more, otherwise it would be trying to guess the future. It was not a clear decision, and that is to his credit because he has done a great job for us, ”said Szafnauer.

However, Stroll had words of praise for the Mexican, who although he could not achieve podiums this year, he had a great performance. «The final decision was not easy, Sergio has served us well, he is a great driver. He is a fast pilot. It is a safe pair of hands on a Sunday, above all it does not make many mistakes and contributes points ».

The future of Lance Stroll

Furthermore, Szafnauer communicated the status of the Lance Stroll contract. «Lance has been with us for a couple of years, he’s a 21-year-old and yes, his father is the owner of the team, so when we studied the change of drivers because Sebastian was available, he would have been Czech because there are options in his contract, Those options don’t exist for Lance. He is still young and has only been with this team for two seasons »

The arrival of Vettel

Finally, the work carried out by Pérez over time was highlighted. However, Szafnauer clarified that the decision taken was correct. “I think it’s a compliment to Sergio that we have deliberated for so long about whether to bring in a four-time world champion with all the experience that Sebastian brings, or to stay with Sergio. I think it’s the right decision to get the experience that Sebastian brings with him, the experience of a first-rate team, that’s where Aston Martin aspires to be.

‘Checo’ said that he did not know the team’s decision. Source: Racing Point

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