Crazy! George Russell recounted a return to Mugello

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The usual thing for comments on fast laps or overtaking is when pilots do it from a cockpit, with the comfort of doing it in journalistic work. However, George Russell He did not want to have the ease that everyone has. The Briton commented on a lap around the Mugello circuit at more than 290 km / h aboard his Williams.

The official account of the Formula 1 posted after Friday’s free practice session, a video of a George Russell ‘On Board’ lap. However, the British rider commented on the lap via team radio, for all the fans. It will be the first race the team will run without the Williams Family at the helm.

The Return to Mugello, by George Russell.

The Briton began by recounting from the starting line of the main straight of the circuit. “For curve one we are going at about 290 km / h, where you have to brake late, enter early and do a rope. Slowly power up the climb then we try to ride over the left inside edge, then aim for the right and use as much output as possible, ”Russell begins.

«At turn 4, a little piano on the inside and outside. Before reaching the best corner of the circuit. It will be in depth on Saturday »he is heard agitated. It should be noted that the pilots will withstand up to 5 G of gravity, which will make the race very physical.

“I look at the Ferrari flag on the left side to see the direction of the wind before entering Turn 10. I brake late. I play the pianos indoors and outdoors. A little understeer here at the exit, and again a great right hand corner. Blocking is not ideal, but due to the sagging there is no problem »

“I go into the corner fast, it seems that the exit is coming, a little understeer, the curve continues, more understeer, at the exit I take the entire inner edge of the track. And now we have to continue in a straight and flat line to finish the lap at Mugello ”, finished the Briton.

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