Gustavo Goñi: “We are seeing clubs in England for Emi Martínez”

Gustavo Goñi: "We are seeing clubs in England for Emi Martínez"

Emiliano Martínez was one of the great surprises for Arsenal in the last Premier League campaign, being a luxury substitute before Bernd Leno’s injury, and winning two titles with the London team, establishing himself as one of the figures of Mikel’s cast Arteta.

Gustavo Goñi, representative of the goalkeeper, spoke with “Puro Fútbol” in FM Late and he expressed some questions about the future of the one that emerged in the lower ranks of Independiente.

Regarding the goalkeeper’s situation, the businessman pointed out that “we are in the process of defining his situation with Arsenal. The moment he started to play and showed what he is, that his future was going to be linked to greater continuity ”.

Taking into account the difficulty of the negotiation, Goñi remarked that “as much as Arsenal tries to make him stay, his head is set on the fact that if he has no guarantees that he will have continuity, he prefers to leave because there were many interested parties. Today he showed that he is a high-level goalkeeper. His performance changed and so did his future.

On what would be the fate of Martínez, the representative admitted that the player would not leave the country in which he is working: “We are seeing clubs within England,” he said.

He also highlighted some of the issues that he negotiates with the Gunners in the face of Leno’s return to the starting position after recovering from the injury that left him out of most of last season: “I think we are in the presence of a top goalkeeper, which is why you don’t want to slow down your growth. As I told Arsenal in one of the talks we had, ‘when the genie comes out of the lamp he doesn’t want to go back in’ ”.

In addition, he highlighted the way in which the Argentine player’s career developed: “This marks the difference in idiosyncrasy between the countries. They always believed in the projects and the most complicated thing was for Emi to be clear about this that each exit from the club did not mean that they did not take it into account, but that she was betting on their growth and consolidation because when she had to save at Arsenal It was not the same as stopping in any of the other teams where he was ”.

Finally, he referred to the possibilities that Martínez has to be part of the next squad of the Argentine National Team and stated that “today I believe that among the three goalkeepers of the selection it is a fixed one.”

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