NFL commits to change: Minnesota Vikings will host George Floyd’s family

NFL commits to change: Minnesota Vikings will host George Floyd's family

Although complaints of police abuse against the African-American community have been occurring for years, it was the murder of George Floyd what detonated all the chaos that was experienced in the United States months ago, and that still has repercussions. The elite leagues of North American sports are committed to the fight for social justice, and the NFL joins the NBA, MLB, MLS and NHL with the start of the regular phase. This Sunday, September 13, Minnesotta vikings will have a gesture with the family of the deceased.

In case of George Floyd shook the world. The African-American man was killed during an altercation with police in the city of Minneapolis. He lost his life after one of the officers put all his weight on his neck for a long time. Video of the scene went viral within minutes, and the case triggered a wave of protests and riots in the United States.

Almost 4 months after what happened, the fight for social justice is still active, and sports leagues have been a great channel for protests. The NFL, which began its season last Thursday, was the last competition to join the protests against police brutality. Kansas City Chiefs, who debuted as defending champions against the Houston Texans, formed a human chain on the bottom line of Arrowhead Stadium in protest.

Minnesota Vikings

Since what happened with the African American, Minnesotta vikings It has started with its campaigns to put its grain of sand in the fight for equality. The Minneapolis franchise created the George Foyd Legacy Scholarship, which will benefit African American graduate students in Minneapolis-St. Paul. This initiative started with a donation of 125 thousand dollars from the team of the NFL.

In the preview of his debut of the regular phase of the NFL, the Vikings announced the planning of the game against Green Bay Packers. Players are expected to wear the message ‘Be the change’ on their warm-up jerseys, and the ‘Black National Anthem’ (Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing) will be heard. In addition, they reported that the family of Floyd will be present at the US Bank Stadium for the start of the season.

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