Bad news in the UFC! Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson will not have their fight

Bad news in the UFC!  Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson will not have their fight

At the end of UFC Vegas 10, it was announced that Dustin Poirier vs. Tony ferguson will not take place, which went viral. Now, they made it clear that the aforementioned is not a contest that is in the plans of the UFC at this time. No, we are not even going to try to save her. Let’s prepare another fight. It’s going to happen, ”was what UFC President Dana White communicated regarding the future of the second named fighter.

Regarding this, Tony did not remain silent and gave his opinion on what happened, making it clear what he thinks. «The expected fight between Dustin Poirier and Tony ferguson next month is off the charts, according to Poirier. ‘UFC and I did not reach an agreement, ‘Poirier told ESPN. ‘I will not fight on October 24th. Next week, Poirier will return home to Lafayette. He will not have grudges if he does not finally compete.

People, imitation is the best form of flattery. Set the pace so high that your opponents have no choice but to follow you. Be smart and work hard. My people, have a great day, ”Ferguson closed, asserting his opinion amid the controversy. Without hesitation, many fans were already excited about this fight, which apparently will not have a date or place. Now, the president is expected to make the rival official for Poirier.

Ferguson’s previous opinion

“If you want to give me Conor, give me Conor. If you want to give me Poirier, we will make it happen. Then I will fight the winner of the fight Gaethje and Khabib. In my situation, I can make adjustments on the fly. I feel bad for many of these up-and-coming fighters who just got their professional license or are looking for fights and don’t know what to do. Or for these college athletes who don’t know what’s going on with their future or how they’re going to be selected in the draft. It’s crazy, ”Tony had said earlier.

Poirier’s order

Dustin Poirier spoke with MMAJunkie a long time ago and expressed that he would rather have another opportunity to fight Nurmagomedov over McGregor. “When I was younger, I could have wanted to fight Conor or fight anyone. But I feel comfortable with everything. I feel comfortable with my track record, with the things that I have done, the fights that I have done. In the fights I lost, I learned my lessons and tried to keep moving forward », highlighted the martial artist from UFC.

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