Does it come back better than before? Nick Díaz goes viral for his workouts

Does it come back better than before?  Nick Díaz goes viral for his workouts

The American fighter from UFC, Nick Diaz, is back to enter the cage as soon as possible, so it is shown in the networks. In this way, alternating different types of training, the oldest of the brothers seems to be in optimal condition. His return to the most important octagon in the world of Mixed Martial Arts is already beginning to gain a lot of expectation, so his re-debut will surely give something to talk about.

It seems that Nick Diaz is closer than ever to going back to UFC, after his own manager shows him in very good shape. The 37-year-old has not competed since January 2015, but hinted at a possible comeback last November. This was when he expressed interest in avenging his younger brother Nate’s loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244. Although the winner’s side was interested, the showdown never came to fruition.

The mockery of McGregor

Brothers Nick and Nate Díaz uploaded an image to the networks, to which Conor McGregor quickly responded and raised doubts. After the oldest of them announced his return to the most important octagon in the world for 2021, the youngest was also excited. Understanding that the relationship between them and the Irishman is not good at all, this action is sure to trigger some more racy messages. Now, nothing makes the rumor of a new crossing disappear. “Aligned,” said the MMA legend.

In these hours a video of the brothers went viral Diaz, Nick and Nate, the ones who showed themselves to the punches in the street. The Instagram account @ bbj_recovery209 was the one that posted it, the one that belongs to a member of their team. There, images of the two are seen doing a training together, although they did not mind measuring the distances and they even took some blows. Without going to major and only in a joking tone, the video is all the rage.

Your first rival?

“If you come and beat me, a guy on an eight fight streak, that would line me up for a title shot, right? So, I think it would be a great fight. And come hit like the new guy, which is me, the promising guy who dominates everyone, hitting everyone, and for him to come back and challenge me, he will never beat me, but it’s a good fight, an interesting fight. And that fight, I want it one hundred percent. I want to compete against Diaz«, Emphasized Leon Edwards, who wants to fight with him.

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Nick back to work.

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