CONMEBOL referred to the controversial situation of Libertad-Boca

CONMEBOL referred to the controversial situation of Libertad-Boca

CONMEBOL published an official statement referring to the controversy that surrounds the party of Libertad and Boca Juniors by CONMEBOL Libertadores in which it holds the Paraguayan Government responsible for the entry permits of the Xeneize delegation to the country.

In the same text, the mother entity of South American football cites the WHO and highlights that “the positive PCR tests of those who overcame the disease are considered recovered and no longer infectious.”

In turn, he clarifies that “the protocols or documents with sanitary recommendations were not modified.”

It should be noted that Libertad sent a note to CONMEBOL at noon requesting “not to authorize” anyone from Boca who has submitted a positive test for covid-19 within the stipulated period and asking that the protocol be “strictly respected.”


The latest version of the protocols and documents with health recommendations prepared by CONMEBOL is dated September 8, when they were published on the institution’s website and social networks. In this way, it is clear that NO CHANGES COULD BE MADE at the request of any person or institution at a later date.

These documents specifically declare that the resolutions and regulations of the authorities of each country HAVE PREVALENCE over any provision of CONMEBOL. Allowing or not allowing people to enter its territory is obviously a prerogative of each government, as well as the requirements required for it.

Both CONMEBOL and other organizations and companies, as well as governments around the world, including the Paraguayan, have been making ADJUSTMENTS TO THEIR PROTOCOLS based on scientific evidence and new information verified about a virus known only nine years ago. months.

In this sense, the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the USA, make a clear differentiation between the CRP (+) of those who are developing the disease and can infect others and CRP (+) of those who overcame the disease, which ARE CONSIDERED RECOVERED AND NO LONGER CONTAGED.

CONMEBOL’s document on Medical Recommendations for training, travel and competitions incorporated this notion by defining on page 19, under the title “Recommendations”, in the third paragraph of point 1: “In asymptomatic people, isolation and other precautions IT MAY CEASE 10 DAYS AFTER the date of your first RT-PCR (+) test for SARS-Cov-2 RNA ”.

The situation that motivates this clarification is by no means singular or unique. Similar circumstances have been recorded in local tournaments in South America and in competitions in Europe. In all cases, the players who did not present symptoms for several days and whose RT-PCR (+) test dated 10 or more days ago were allowed to play, BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT SPREAD THE DISEASE.

CONMEBOL considers that the situation analyzed here will contribute to improving the protocols and preventive measures, always supported by scientific evidence, with a view to developing a competitive CONMEBOL Libertadores and under equal conditions for its participants. As it has done up to now, CONMEBOL WILL CONTINUE TO INCORPORATE THE NEW RECOMMENDATIONS FROM WHO AND PAHO to its protocols, as well as advances in knowledge about the virus. It is also confirmed that he will continue working in favor of sport, taking care of the health of the South American football family.

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