Fear for Conor McGregor’s health after being accused: “I can’t go on, I’m devastated”

Fear for Conor McGregor's health after being accused: "I can't go on, I'm devastated"

Conor McGregor, legend of UFC, was arrested on September 12 in Corsica, being accused of attempted assault and sexual exhibition. After a statement was taken about his point of view of what happened, he was released. Taking into account the police reports, the woman denounced him made it clear that the Irishman attacked her and showed her private parts. Apparently, he was drunk at the time.

It all happened in the port town of Calvi on September 6, for which almost a week later he was arrested. The case is not closed and the former champion of UFC could be summoned again to testify. Thus, the lawyer of the legendary fighter, Emmanuelle Ramon, confirmed that her client did not commit any crime. Now, Mcgregor worries his fans. He hadn’t spoken about it, until he tweeted something that he later deleted.

Conor McGregor’s posts on Twitter

One user noted: ‘The BBC is right, Conor McGregor its English”. So ‘The Notorius’ replied: “You work on suicide prevention and yet you ridicule me in this way on the internet at this horrible time in my life. I am trying to stay strong for my children and the people who depend on me and who love and support me. Thanks for the insults, hypocrite. Clearly not having a good morning.

In another of the messages that the Irishman posted on social networks, a Conor McGregor totally out of himself. I can’t go on like this, man. I’m devastated, “was what he commented. This is clearly not his image, considering that he is always happy and harmonious. With the aforementioned, the followers came to worry about him, knowing that it is not the first time that he has an altercation on the public highway.

Dana White’s defense

Going out to the crossing, supporting one of the best in history, the president of UFC He said: ‘You have to realize it: imagine what it is like in Europe. There are old folks going crazy when he passes by. They are not just young. They are elderly. That kind of life, crazy, happens when you’re in that kind of lifestyle. You try to go out and you try to act normal and you try to be normal and it’s hard to do sometimes. I am not defending Conor in any way or shape. I don’t know enough about your situation to talk about it. I know I’ve dated him publicly before and he’s a crazy bat. “

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