Gallardo in conference, minute by minute

Gallardo in conference, minute by minute

After 89 days, River’s coach speaks at the press conference prior to the match against San Pablo for CONMEBOL Libertadores.

After almost three months of pure secrecy in River, Marcelo Gallardo appears virtually at the press conference prior to the confrontation against San Pablo for the return of CONMEBOL Libertadores.

Here are his best phrases:

“It happened all this time because there was nothing to talk about without football for six months. It seemed to me that talking was too much. I try to do it when I feel like it and I need to communicate.”

“I work with a group of no more than 30 players, that is the group that is making up the CONMEBOL list. They gave us the possibility of adding 10 more places, but it seemed absurd. I don’t have 10 more players available and it wasn’t going to generate a false illusion to the youth “.

“So far we have done things quite well, we have been very neat and we had very few infections, but we are not exempt from what could happen to us. I am not going to expose boys who are not in a position to integrate an international list.”

“San Pablo is not to blame for having so many games and training sessions more than we do. We have to try to cope with it, that’s what we have to do. That is why we had intentions to start previous training sessions, because the players cannot be stopped for so long, that is the most difficult thing for a footballer “.

“The team will finish defining it tomorrow. It will not vary too much in what they are talking about. I can play with a line of three, but there is also the possibility of playing with a line of four and add one more striker in attack.”

“The Juanfer thing is very simple, he told me that he wanted to leave and from there we began to try to solve the forms, which perhaps were not the most verbose. We have spoken with him and I have had no problem giving him the possibility of leaving, as I am not going to have it with any player who presents a proposal that is good for the club. “

“Juanfer asked for a sports permit and then decided to go abroad to wait for his pass away from our club to close. I want to emphasize the importance and value I have towards the player and the person. I have made a very close bond and I wish him so best in his career, that he continues to try to show his talent in a league that we know is inferior, but that he decided to go play there. The memory of what he has given us will be eternal. “

“There was no specific offer for any footballer from our squad, beyond Quintero and Carrascal at the time. Martínez Quarta has not expressed his desire to leave as I heard these days and there was no official offer from any club”.

“If a player like Juanfer comes to tell me that he wants to leave, if the offer is good for the club and the parties are happy, welcome. Although for me it would be a tremendous pain because we are going to start a competition.”

“We are at a disadvantage because our football has stopped for a long time and also training. Other leagues have started earlier and are already competing. We will try to do the best within these possibilities that we have. We will fight, then we will see what the reality is. at Thursday’s game. “

“I ask our president and he doesn’t give me much news regarding the return of Argentine football so I don’t have many things to say.”

“Angileri fights for the position with a very important player like Casco and he has to be prepared for a situation like this. The idea is that he is in the best possible way for when it comes to him.”

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