Gallardo: “Juanfer told me that he wanted to leave”

Gallardo: "Juanfer told me that he wanted to leave"

Marcelo Gallardo declared at a press conference about the departure of Juan Fernando Quintero de River and clarified what happened from his point of view: “It’s very simple, he told me that he wanted to leave and from there we began to try to solve the forms , which perhaps were not the most verbose “.

“I have spoken with him and I have not had any problem in giving him the possibility of leaving, as I will not have it with any player who presents a proposal that is good for the club,” added the Doll.

In addition, the coach referred to the Colombian’s striking trip to Miami, when his transfer had not yet been finalized: “Juanfer requested a sports permit and then decided to go abroad to wait for his pass away from our club to close.”

“I want to emphasize the importance and value that I have towards the player and the person. I have made a very close bond and wish him the best in his career. The memory of what he has given us will be eternal, “he said.

The DT also gave a glimpse of his position on the footballer’s chosen destination and said: “I hope he continues trying to show his talent in a league that we know is inferior, but that he decided to go play there.

Gallardo also responded about the possible sales of other members of the Millionaire’s team and stated: “There was no specific offer by anyone, other than Quintero and Carrascal, which at the time was rejected.”

“Martínez Quarta has not expressed his desire to leave and there was no official offer from any club for him,” he reported.

Finally, he once again emphasized his position on this issue and assured: “I want the footballers to stay, but if another position is presented, I will have to accept it and accompany them in that decision. It is the reality that we are living today and the one that our football is going to experience when the activity restarts “.

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