Gallardo on Libertad-Boca: “CONMEBOL told us that if a player tests positive, he cannot travel”

Gallardo on Libertad-Boca: "CONMEBOL told us that if a player tests positive, he cannot travel"

Marcelo Gallardo broke the silence after 89 days without speaking to the press and, in the conference prior to the duel between River and San Pablo, he referred to the controversy surrounding the meeting between Boca and Libertad: “CONMEBOL told us that a player who is tested and tests positive cannot travel ”.

“I do not want to get into any type of controversy or anything, it is simply what was communicated to us and how we would act in that case,” added the coach who was upset with some of the measures of the health protocol.

El Muñeco explained his decision not to make use of the possibility of expanding the convocation for CONMEBOL Libertadores and stated: “I am not going to expose boys who are not in a position to join an international list. Everything has a certain limit, things cannot be done at any cost ”.

In line with the controversy of sports activity in the midst of the pandemic, he said: “Off the record is now fashionable. Nobody is exposed to say anything. Nobody knows anything and everyone shoots without any certainty or clarity. In those conditions we are and we have to accept the rules of the game or I would not be here. It is the leaders of our football who should give us a bit of clarity to know where we stand. I am not an idiot who does not know that we are in a pandemic, we are about leaving the country to play a soccer game and that was accepted by everyone here. “

The DT also gave his opinion on the advantage his rival has for reaching the clash with more filming and considered: “San Pablo is not to blame for having so many more games and training sessions than us. We have to try to cope, it is what has touched us. That is why we had the intention of starting previous training sessions, because the players cannot stand for so long, that is the most difficult thing ”.

“We have been preparing for five weeks to start competing. We had to reactivate without overloading the players and suffering as few injuries as possible. Playing a game is very different from starting to train after a long time of standing,” he said .

Regarding the possibilities of Argentine teams in this situation, Gallardo was also very clear: “Normally, none of them are in a position to become champions, but Argentine soccer players have a character and a mentality that often resurfaces when go in adversity ”.

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