Henry Cejudo, strong against Sean O’Malley: “He believes more than he is”

Henry Cejudo, strong against Sean O'Malley: "He believes more than he is"

The undefeated of Sean O’Malley cut himself at UFC 252 after injury and TKO loss, which he mocked Henry Cejudo. In one of the most attractive games the 135-pound division could have, Ecuadorian Marlon Vera took home a huge victory. The American’s ankle bent, which did not let him continue normally. Therefore, “Chito” took advantage and finished with a TKO to add to his triumphs.

«I fought Demetrious Johnson and Marlon Moraes without legs! This idiot broke his nail and couldn’t compete, “was what he said. Frowning weeks ago, after that fight. He’s currently retired, but he’s not afraid to outwit Sean. The former UFC tri-champion seized the moment to poke fun at O’Malley, who does not want to accept defeat and assures that he remains undefeated. This caused amusement in several fighters, who also laughed at him.

The new sayings of “Triple C”

After what was the loss of “Suga” against Marlon “Chito” Vera at UFC 252, Henry Frowning made it clear that the one that came out of the Dana White’s Contender Series is not as good as you think. “I’ll be honest, I actually like the boy. Somehow I hate him, somehow I like him I’m weird like that, I know. I wish the boy the best, but I also think he believes he is better than he really is, “he began by saying about it.

«I look at the details and although he has the gifts, he has a great distance and a great conduct, he has not been through a war. You can give the pain, but can you take the pain? That’s the difference between someone like Sean O’Malley and me. Do you have a better shot than me? Probably because of its length and reach, it makes it a bit dangerous. But you have to be the complete package “, concluded Cejudo, who throws hints to return to the octagon.

Marlon Vera’s vision

The guy was sleeping. When I connected the second elbow it was out. And when Herb Dean got in the way he could see his head bounce. Then I see that your corner says that you stopped the fight too early. We made eye contact and I said ‘that shit wasn’t too early’. They were suddenly silent, “said the Ecuadorian a few days ago, in dialogue with the MMA Fighting medium.

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