It was a robbery!  Mike Rodriguez doesn't give up: "Dana White said I won"

UFC Vegas 10 had an unusual error by the referee, who did not see a knockout in favor of Mike Rodriguez and caused the controversy of the year. Ed herman He was the one who fell, but then he pretended to have received a low blow. Thanks to this, it unleashed a series of events that should not have existed. When everything had to end at that time, the judge stopped the fight and the fighter took the regulation five minutes. Then, he won by submission.

In the second round of the crossing, Rodriguez He gave a powerful knee to the liver of his rival. As a result, he collapsed to the ground, which was a knockout to remember. Immediately, the referee interfered and asked for time, which the “victorious” did not understand. However, the judge took it as an illegal hit to the lower zone, which did not really exist. In the next round, after falling again, Herman was able to get up and win by submission.

Rodriguez’s word

“It was a strange moment in MMA, but I’m over it. So much so that if the result is changed, a No Contest is better than a defeat. I have nothing against the referee. It was a simple mistake and Herman took advantage of it. There is nothing wrong with that. Please don’t send hate messages or the like for Ed. He’s a good man. He bought time and that was the beginning of the end. Great battle for him », he began saying Rodriguez.

At the same time, Mike He commented: “He got five minutes of grace after being knocked out. It’s flat, but it happens. The only thing I really doubt is that Herman placed his feet close when he finished me. Why would he do that? Ed lowered his profile to victory. Outside of that, there is nothing we can do. It leaves me more animated that everyone liked my performance. That was the only thing that really mattered to me. “

“Dana White said I won. I was sitting frustrated, the doctors were looking at my shoulder, and suddenly I saw that Dana was not happy. I thought I did something wrong and it scared me, but I was relieved when he said it was one of the worst things he ever saw and that he would pay me the win bonus. I won! I know the UFC believes that a new fight must happen, I accept, because I am a good worker. Looking at the record, Herman beat me, but technically not. If the UFC considers that fight as a victory for me, I will continue to face it. Who’s next? Who is available? ”, He concluded.