Libertad asks CONMEBOL for the “strict respect” of Boca and warns with requesting sanctions

Libertad asks CONMEBOL for the "strict respect" of Boca and warns with requesting sanctions

Libertad presented a note to CONMEBOL expressing its rejection of the “non-compliance” of the protocol and the authorization for Boca Juniors players to enter Paraguay with positive cases of covid-19. The letter was received by the entrance table.

His specific request to the highest body of South American football is: “strict respect and compliance with the provisions of the protocol, not authorizing or accrediting any person from Boca who has presented a positive covid-19 text within the established period” and the delivery of those tests .

Just yesterday the Vice Minister of Health of Paraguay, Dr. Julio Borba, expressed on Radio Deportes Uno: “As long as they comply with all the protocol established by the Ministry of Health there would be no problem. They have to have at least 15 days from the first moment the sample was taken and tested positive to be considered fit to enter the country. “

Gumarelo cited in his letter what establishes the “protocol of operations for the safe resumption of club competitions”: All members of delegations that must travel from other countries or cities must take the aforementioned test no more than five days before the match , sending the result to Conmebol.

In addition, it highlights that the “negative detection” for footballers, technical and medical personnel and referees must be confirmed before the game.

Regarding the requirements prior to the trip, attach the documentation that establishes that “each member of the delegation must carry out the PCR, the result of which must be sent to CONMEBOL 24 hours before the flight departs” and highlights that “in no case may people with a ‘positive’ or ‘indeterminate’ result travel ”.

For all this, the Paraguayan institution warns that if Boca does not comply with the aforementioned, it will be “in breach of its obligations to guarantee hygiene measures and protocol” and will be “requested the application of appropriate disciplinary sanctions.”

Also from Libertad they assure that “they will enforce their rights before the Disciplinary Commission of CONMEBOL”.

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