Miralem Pjanic, in his presentation: “Coming to Barcelona is the dream of my life”

Miralem Pjanic, in his presentation: "Coming to Barcelona is the dream of my life"

BARCELONA – Miralem Pjanic proclaimed in his presentation as a new Barcelona player that arriving at the Barça club “is the dream of my life” and that sharing a dressing room with Lionel Messi, “an extraterrestrial” will be a pleasure after a career in which he played next to “great players”. “My career has been important but today I am reaching my peak,” specified the Bosnian midfielder, convinced that Barça “will regain its role” this season.

“I would have liked to come to Barça at the age of six”, he smiled to explain that the soccer market “has these things” and discovering that his contacts with the Spanish club “began last season. I come from a great team, because it is very difficult to leave a club like Juventus, to which I will always be grateful, but it was time to have new challenges and arriving here is the best. “

“Leaving Juve is complicated”, reiterated Pjanic, noting that after “9 years in Italy I needed new goals and Barça was always the dream of my life.”

Pjanic, who will wear the number 8 of Andrés Iniesta, signed, at 30, for four seasons as a Barça player, and will have a termination clause of 400 million euros.

“I have spoken with Koeman two or three times to know a little how everything was going,” he acknowledged without specifying what his specific work will be in the team: “We have to wait for him to join the group and then we will see how he wants to play and how he wants to use me the mister. The season is long and we will all have opportunities. I can play in all positions in the middle and I’m going to do my best ”.

Of Barça he stressed that he always saw him “as the greatest … Playing here was already a source of pride because since he was little he dreamed of playing for Barça and now being part of this team, this club, is extraordinary,” he said, making it clear his ambitions: “We aspire to win all the trophies and it is a great opportunity for me. I hope to be of great help with my experience and with my soccer. It is a challenge to be in this dressing room with all the great champions out there. I hope to help with my experience and my soccer. “

He acknowledged having seen the defeat that Barça suffered in Lisbon against Bayern and explained that these are situations “that happen sometimes. I saw the game. They are games that happen, very painful defeats, that I also suffered … They are nights that everything comes out. the other way around and I had the impression that everything was the opposite. The Covid situation is no excuse. It has been an important blow, difficult to accept “, claiming that it must be left behind:” The group wants to turn the page. We have to think of ourselves and be united, make a strong and healthy group. Only then can we repeat the successes of the past. “

He also acknowledged having been “aware” of everything that happened with Messi and was “happy” with the Argentine’s permanence in the club, assuring that I never “saw him with another shirt … For me it was impossible and I thought that everything it would end up being fixed. My will was to play with him. I have met Messi two or three days ago and I have not yet been able to train or play with him but I think he is an alien, probably the best footballer in history. “

“It was fortunate to play with footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo or Totti. But now it is the maximum and I want to have fun with the whole team. All 25 of us will be important because I believe in the spirit of the group,” he resolved, not going to assess the possible departure of Luis Suárez but speaking of him as “a great scorer who has done a lot here. I don’t know what will happen, what he wants from his future but it would be a pleasure to play with him and if he goes to Juve I can tell him that he will go to a great team too. “

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