Serious accusation! Michael Schumacher hurt Alonso in 2006

Michael Schumacher

In the last hours, an old controversy generated by Michael Schumacher He regained strength. It was 2006, and ‘the kaiser’ was fighting the championship against the young man Fernando Alonso. The Asturian already had 15 points of advantage over the German and one of the most important races of the year was coming: The Monaco Grand Prix.

After several races where Alonso prevailed easily, qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix gave Schumacher a chance to get closer to the championship. In the last moments, the German had the pole, until Alonso began to accelerate. With his Renault, the Spaniard had been improving all the times of ‘Schumi’, and he could not afford it.

At the mythical ‘Rascasse’ corner, the German stopped his Ferrari and caused a yellow flag that did not allow Alonso’s lap time to improve, so he took pole. However, the sports commissioners decided to take away all the lap times of the German, so he started in last position in the race the other day.

Felipe Massa spoke of that day

In the last hours, Felipe Massa, who was his partner on the Italian team in 2006, confirmed that Schumacher’s performance to harm Alonso, was deliberate. «We had a meeting with the team, we were discussing the classification. We had two sets of tires for qualifying. And Michael said: ‘Yes, but if we get faster right away and then we put on the second set…’. Ross Brawn said, ‘Maybe we can create a yellow flag.’ And this is exactly how it happened. Michael made that happen, ”Massa revealed.

The Brazilian added that: “I remember saying, ‘I can’t believe I did it.’ Did. Did. And the thing is, he couldn’t even say he did it. It took him a year to tell me he did it on purpose. One year. I said, ‘How could you do that?’ It shows that everyone makes mistakes in life, and that was definitely one of them. For his part, Ross Brawn commented: “It was kind of stupid. One of those little glitches, shorts that Michael has experienced two or three times in his career.

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