They got tired! Formula 1 responded to the criticism: “It’s quite offensive”

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After the eventful race that occurred at the Mugello circuit, the race director of the Formula 1, Michael Masi, responded to criticism he had from several drivers, including Lewis Hamilton. According to Masi, Hamilton’s statements are wrong and even offensive, considering that he does his job for the safety of the pilots.

According to Lewis Hamilton, the use of the red flags is due more to a matter of giving a show to the races, than to a real safety issue. «They are the ones who make the decisions. I don’t know who. Obviously they are trying to make it more exciting, but ultimately today they have seen that they have put people in danger. So maybe they should rethink that, ”said Hamilton after the Mugello race.

However, Michael Masi was quick to respond to these statements by Hamilton. I would never compromise security. Absolutely not. From the perspective of the FIA, safety is paramount and final point. And that’s the end of the story. That’s where my role is, with sporting integrity and safety. Anyone who says otherwise is actually quite offensive personally«, Masi assured the media.

In addition, the Australian leader clarified that it is not a measure to give excitement to the races, but that “it is a great coincidence.” «If we look at it logically enough, the one in Monza was to repair the security barrier that was damaged. We could do 20 laps under the safety car to repair a damaged barrier, but I don’t think it’s the best for anyone, “he clarified.

Finally, Masi said that: «The race can be suspended, if all the work can be done to repair the security element, and then you continue. That was the case for two of the three red flags we have had. So in the Lance Stroll incident there was damage to the guards. And it was not going to continue when there was probably between 30 and 40 meters of coating hanging from a tire barrier in this situation, “he said.

The organization of the category was satisfied with the use of the red flag. Source: F1

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