You have faith in it! Israel coach Adesanya assures that Paulo Costa will suffer

You have faith in it!  Israel coach Adesanya assures that Paulo Costa will suffer

Eugene Bareman, coach of Israel Adesanya He has been hoping for a long time that his ward will “destroy” Paulo Costa. This combat will take place in the UFC 253, which will be next weekend. That being the case, he left several interesting phrases about what can happen next Saturday. Both have said absolutely everything in the previous one, so it only remains for them to make it a reality inside the most important cage in the world.

“We can reflect on many of Israel’s fights where it has fought guys with great powers. Also, also with guys who were much more technically sound than Paulo Costa. And the part you never know until you’re in the cage, is how powerful this person is. Can Israel deflect its shots? May Israel get out of the way of your shots? That is the part that we never know until 30 or 40 seconds of opening, and that is always the most nervous moment, “he began.

It was forceful

On the other hand, he also related the following: «But I believe that Israel can mitigate its power, and what I believe will happen is that (Coast) he just doesn’t have enough diversity in his beating to stay with Israel during the fighting, to stay on the same side with Israel. If you just trust your power and you have nothing to back it up, there is nothing behind it, there is no other plan that you know intimately, then it will not be enough, it will not be diverse enough to keep up with Israel«.

«If you look at Israel And you look at his fights and you see where he has hurt people, that’s all time and precision. That is putting the opportunity in the right place at the right time. That is what it is. This is how you knock out people with the least amount of effort. Also, Israel is a guy who is very strong. You can ask any of his sparring partners. If he sits down, which he doesn’t usually do, and hits you in the right place, it’s going to hurt, it’s going to hurt, “Bareman said.

Trust your ward

To close, Eugene Bareman warned Paulo Costa of what can happen at UFC 253: “So Israel is ready to (load). If it has to be precise, it will be precise. If it has to be strong, it will be strong. If you have to sit a bit and maybe stand a bit, stay in one place a little bit longer than you necessarily want to, to get a little power, you’re ready to do that too. So we are very happy that we have all our bases covered.

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