Beccacece: “If the cardiological studies are good, Pillud could play”

Beccacece: "If the cardiological studies are good, Pillud could play"

Sebastián Beccacece said that there are great chances that Iván Pillud could be in Racing’s game against Nacional this Thursday. “It is not something that worries me that he has not been in the last training sessions, but I did not make the decision if he will play or not. If the cardiological studies are good, he could play ”, commented the DT at a press conference.

In addition, the DT spoke about how these days of training were, explained why Pulpo González will not continue and what is his position on the return of the competition.

The most outstanding phrases of Sebastián Beccacece in a press conference:

“More than ever it is advisable to go game by game. We don’t know what can happen tomorrow. We left the certainty of the illusion and gave space to the uncertainty, which generates creativity. But we always know that when we enter the field of play we leave everything ”.

“As far as we could, we did the best in what was within everyone’s reach. We will surely grow with the competition ”.

“There is the possibility of contagions. We are not strangers. We have to take the necessary care. Each case we have had we have separated and the same if someone had contact with a positive.

“It is a very nice challenge. It’s a challenge, not just for me. Of course, in the middle there is a lot of pain and anger, but I have no doubt that after this we will come out stronger.

“The three-pronged thing is a concrete possibility. Without Zaracho I will take the time to define the formation ”.

“There are the right people in each space to make decisions. We have to do it with the necessary care. We will have to try to adapt. We have to be more united than ever as a society and as humanity. Faced with so much uncertainty, it is difficult to know what is correct. I was varying sensations with the passing of the days. It is difficult to be forceful. I am in the position to follow what people who know tell us ”.

“El Pulpo had a personal talk with me. In my understanding he needed a space where they would guarantee minutes. Here that was difficult. He is a great professional and appreciated the frontality. He had the human greatness to accept that ”.

The Academy will play this Thursday, from 5:00 p.m., against Nacional in the Cilindro de Avellaneda live on Fox Sports and ESPN Play.

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