Burgos: “First I will direct in Spain and then, one day, I will do it in River”

Burgos: "First I will direct in Spain and then, one day, I will do it in River"

Germán Brugos said that his intention is to manage River Plate sometime, although he remarked that his beginnings will be in La Liga in Spain, where he believes he has made merits to have his first chances.

El Mono said that he would never be the coach of Boca, Real Madrid or Barcelona and made reference at various times in the interview with “La Voz del Estadio”, from Radio Ether from Mar del Plata, to the influence he received from Marcelo Bielsa and Carlos Timoteo Grigruol.

Burgos, who went through the Millionaire from 1994 to 1999, commented on how love for Núñez’s club was born. “My old man made me a River fan since I was a child. My friends from Boca would not let me play in the neighborhood with the River shirt. Thanks to them I became more a River fan,” said the former goalkeeper.

“First I will direct in Spain and then, one day, I will do it in River. But I will never direct Real Madrid, Barcelona or Boca, because of my sense of belonging, since doing so would be breaking my word. Many people invited me to the final in Madrid, but I didn’t want to lock myself in a box. Luckily it was a party for River, “said El Mono, who never hid his desire to return to the Monumental.

Regarding his new role as main coach, the one who emerged in Ferrocarril Oeste commented: “I still don’t have anything specific about any team to lead. My teams are going to play according to the history of the club and the players available. I don’t lock myself into a system. I would like to start directing in Spain. I think it is the credit that I have earned. Being constantly close to the player is very important, but not agreeing. It is something I learned with Simeone and Griguol. I could have stayed calm, like Simeone’s second coach, but I was never afraid and want to try something new. “

Finally, Burgos spoke of another coach who left his mark on him: “Bielsa is the coach of the team that marked me the most. Above all else, he showed us honesty. With the player you can negotiate everything on the pitch, except run. Run, they all run. Bielsa told me that. “

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