Got mad? Dustin Poirier responded to Dana White: “I want that fight

Got mad?  Dustin Poirier responded to Dana White: "I want that fight

The possible fight between Dustin Poirier and Tony ferguson It has been giving something to talk about for a long time, although there is news. Dana White He had mentioned that it would not take place, then the second fighter mentioned announced that he wanted the event, and now the best ranked man affirms the same. When everything seemed like it would not happen, they could change the plans of UFC to face them in the most important cage in the world.

Listen, I like Dustin«He began by saying Dana White to journalists at a press conference. It took place after the Contender Series event on Tuesday, where he expressed in turn: “I’m not going to sit here and say anything negative about Dustin, he’s a great kid. I don’t know if he didn’t want to fight in Abu Dhabi or what his deal was: he didn’t want to fight. Thus, it seems that the blame for everything went to Poirier.

Continuing along the same lines, the president of UFC kept pointing at Dustin Poirier as the main point of the problem. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, but there are many different ways to turn down a fight. Trading yourself out of one is one of the ways you can do it. So for whatever reason, he didn’t want to take this fight. Only he knows. Clearly there is an internal that only they know, but the public waits for the contest.

Poirier’s answer

“I want that fight,” he replied Poirier through a message, which quickly went viral. «Simple and clear, I want to fight against Ferguson. I like the pairing, “he added. WhiteOn the other hand, he confirmed that another last name sounds for Ferguson at this time, in addition to hoping that “El Cucuy” will accept. I told you we have a fight. I not see to Tony not accept the fight, “concluded the president of the most important MMA company.

Ferguson’s order

“If you want to give me Conor, give me Conor. If you want to give me Poirier, we will make it happen. Then I will fight the winner of the fight Gaethje and Khabib. In my situation, I can make adjustments on the fly. I feel bad for many of these up-and-coming fighters who just got their professional license or are looking for fights and don’t know what to do. Or for these college athletes who don’t know what’s going on with their future or how they’re going to be selected in the draft. It’s crazy, “she mentioned. Tony ferguson weeks ago.

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