He is diabetic, got the knockout of the night and won a contract with the UFC

He is diabetic, got the knockout of the night and won a contract with the UFC

A new chapter of Dana White’s Contender Series gave what to talk about, with three fighters who were left with a contract in UFC. One of them was Jordan williams, who faced Gregory Rodrigues, a Brazilian with a lot of power. The latter was the favorite, but ended up getting a real beating from the American. The winner is diabetic and left a great message for all people with chronic diseases.

“He trusted his power and didn’t move his head much. I knew that if he landed just one shot of mine, he had it. That’s how it went. It was a difficult decision for us to take this fight in this category. They told me that I should have been in this category a long time ago. Today they showed me why he was telling me ”, he began by saying at the end of the fight.

«I am diabetic and I want to show everyone what we can do. I want to motivate many people who suffer like me. Now, surely many people will make the decision to be athletes because of what I was able to do tonight. It is precisely what I wanted to achieve and I hope all those who fear, all those who have diseases like mine, all of them can follow their dreams, “he said with joy, without knowing that he would later have a contract with UFC.

After all the evenings, Dana White, president of UFC, chose him among the three who achieved his link with the company. It was the only knockout of the night, but it also ended up being an impressive finish. “I came for this and I am very happy that I got it. Thanks Dana for the contract, I won’t disappoint. Put whoever you want in front of me and I will destroy it, “he said. Jordan williams upon learning of his new contract.

Final results

Gregory Rodrigues vs. Jordan williams (victory by TKO in the first round).
Collin Anglin (unanimous decision win) vs. Muhammadjon Naimov.
Korey Kuppe vs. Michael Lombardo (victory by unanimous decision).
Taneisha Tennant vs. Danyelle Wolf (win by unanimous decision).
Kyle Driscoll (unanimous decision win) vs. Dinis Paiva.

New contracts

Jordan williams
Collin Anglin
Danyelle Wolf

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